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Organic strawberries shown to stop cancer cell growth


(NaturalHealth365) Strawberries are a summertime favorite, prized for their sweet flavor. But research shows these berries may be delivering even more than meets the eye.  It’s worth noting that berries have been studied extensively for their potential cancer-fighting capabilities. Swedish researchers have found that extract from organic strawberries are particularly effective at stopping the growth of cancer cells. The organic ... Read More »

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NH365 066: Food myths – Secrets revealed about GMOs, paleo, organic food and optimal health

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Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS(NaturalHealth365) Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Over two thousand years later, most doctors have clearly forgotten these words – thanks to the limited education received in medical school about how to ‘treat’ and ‘manage’ health problems – ... Read More »

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Why eat sprouted organic unpasteurized nuts?


(NaturalHealth365) It’s convenient to head to your local grocery store when you want a nutty snack. Many companies offer roasted, salted, and sweetened varieties of our favorite nuts, like almonds and cashews. They have a great flavor and texture, but like most foods that come prepackaged, they aren’t the best for us. The problem with conventional nuts found in most ... Read More »

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Study shows: Organic milk and meat contain 50% more omega-3 fatty acids


(NaturalHealth365) Omega-3 fatty acids offer a panacea of health benefits, as do organic foods. But, something more exciting, there’s now evidence that organic milk and grass-fed meats contain as much as 50 percent more of the health-sustaining omega-3s you’ve been trying to get more of anyway. Omega-3s bring with them a range of positive effects, including improving immune function and ... Read More »

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Best organic coconut water brands for healthy living


(NaturalHealth365) Have you ever picked up a fresh coconut at your local grocery store and shaken it? If you have, you’ve probably heard liquid sloshing inside which is coconut water. Coconuts are different from any other fruit because they contain a large amount of water that have tons of health benefits. While coconuts have been around for tens of millions ... Read More »

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Why organic rice cakes are not healthy diet food


(NaturalHealth365) During the 1980s and 1990s, rice cakes became a popular diet food as it was low in fat and calories. Dieters felt less guilty by trading their 200 calorie cookie in for a 60 calorie rice cake. After all, they didn’t have to give up snacking and still lose weight. While these low calorie snacks were a ‘godsend’ to ... Read More »

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Popular natural and organic tea companies violate pesticide laws


(NaturalHealth365) While the tea beverage fascination may have started with America’s southern sweet tea, the popularity of organic and natural teas has skyrocketed over the last decade. Green tea is now the drink of choice (only after water) as people around the world enjoy its refreshing flavor as well as its antioxidant and medicinal benefits. In addition, consumers are realizing ... Read More »

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5 organic foods contributing to inflammation


(NaturalHealth365) At one time, certain foods were considered “healthy” such as yogurt, whole grain bread, or granola. But, now, many people know that these prepackaged and processed foods are actually not as healthy as once claimed. In fact, did you know that these same “healthy” organic foods can actually cause you harm? In reality, these highly-processed foods contribute to inflammation ... Read More »

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New Study: Common food additives found in organic foods causing major health damage


(NaturalHealth365) Organic food consumption is at an all-time high in the United States primarily due to wider consumer education about the dangers of chemicals, pesticides and other additives found in conventionally grown and processed foods. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), three in four grocery stores stock organic products, and organic foods account for approximately 4 percent of ... Read More »

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Going beyond organic food for optimal health with Joel Salatin

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(NaturalHealth365) Many people tend to feel that cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, chronic stress and environmental pollution can only be cured by the ‘experts.’ Of course, others think that eating organic food is the ‘only answer’. But, when we look at the big picture, to achieve optimal health – we’ll need to go beyond organic or the advice of professionals. ... Read More »

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Research says: Organic produce has higher cancer fighting nutrients than conventional

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(NaturalHealth365) Organic produce sales are booming around the world. People opt for organic foods because they know it’s healthier, has more nutrients, and tastes better than produce grown with chemicals. In fact, despite the twisted (deceitful) propaganda created by the chemical industry, several recent studies prove that organic food is superior by nature. Conventional produce is grown with toxic fertilizers, ... Read More »

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Genetically modified crops threaten organic farm land

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(NaturalHealth365) Genetically modified crops are a contentious topic in Washington as people all over America and around the world are demanding the ban of GMOs in foods. The presence of GMOs has virtually taken over the United States food industry since they were introduced in 1996, gradually becoming an increasing threat to the environment and consumer health. According to the ... Read More »

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