The organic lie? How tap water is poisoning your “pure” foods

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toxic-tap-hidden-threat-to-organic-products(NaturalHealth365)  You religiously buy organic foods, seeking to maintain a healthy body by avoiding the slew of chemicals associated with big food production.  But a sordid secret lies behind every organic food product that lists “water” as an ingredient.

Unless specified as filtered or spring water, that water is almost certainly straight from the toxic tap – loaded with unwanted contaminants that destroy the idea of eating organic food, in the first place.  And, even if the water is “filtered,” how can we be 100% sure of its effectiveness at removing toxins?

Tainted organics: Let’s remove the veil on the toxic tap water threat

Let’s start with fluoride added to city water supplies, that so-called “anti-cavity” agent polluting drinking water in many cities across America.  While the conventional dental world claims fluoride is safe for consumption, fluoride is a chemical that, in excess, can cause neurological issues in children and thyroid problems in adults.

Most organic products made with unfiltered water probably fill your body with this thyroid-disrupting substance against your wishes and wallet.  The truth is that the systemic ingestion of fluoride poses risks that cannot be ignored, especially when it sneaks into your diet through supposedly healthy products.

The pesticide paradox

But fluoride is just the tip of the iceberg.  Tap water has been found to contain everything from lead and microplastics to disinfectant byproducts like chloramines.  Even trace amounts of pesticides make their way in through agricultural runoff.  So you thought that “pure” organic apple cider vinegar or tofu was chemical-free?  This is more like a pesticide paradox, infused with the very toxins you tried to avoid.

The presence of these contaminants poses significant health risks.  Lead exposure can cause severe developmental issues in children, while microplastics and chloramines have been shown to have severe consequences.

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Label lies and corporate cons

Don’t expect full disclosure, either.  Food giants have no qualms about being unclear, hiding behind terse “water” ingredient listings that allow skeptical consumers to simply assume it’s filtered.

But if companies were using spring or purified sources, you can bet they’d proudly proclaim it on the label.  Instead, it’s a case of deceit by omission – a silent con that pervades the entire organic industry.  National brands of organic tofu, canned beans, broths, and more routinely skimp on proper filtration for their water ingredients.

The heavy mental toll

And it’s not just physical toxins we need to consider.  The mental anguish of being lied to by trusted “healthy” brands cuts deep.  We’ve placed our confidence in them, paid much more money for their products, and gotten hoodwinked with chemical runoff in return.  It’s a betrayal that deserves our attention, sowing seeds of mistrust that infiltrate the entire organic movement.

Each plastic-trapped particle and lead molecule is also laced with emotional grit – a creeping cynicism as we realize how many supposed gatekeepers are actually complicit in mass deception.  If the water isn’t free of toxins, what other corners are being cut under our naïve noses?  The psychological toll mounts with every bit of food we eat.

Fluoride-laced fraudulence

Even when labels claim “filtered” water, that’s often just marketing “misleadery” as well.  Most basic filters don’t remove fluoride and other hard contaminants from the equation.  Unless you see specific “reverse osmosis” or “distilled” verbiage, assume you’re still gulping down an unsavory sludge with each bit of that “pure” food product.

The deception is all the more unpalatable when you consider that organic consumers pay a premium of 50% or more.  So we’re getting ripped off and poisoned in one fell swoop – fluoride-laced fraudulence perpetrated by money-grubbing corporations.

Buyer beware: Investigate or infest

The solution?  Become a voracious investigator of everything you consume.  Scrutinize those labels, demand full disclosures from brands, and assume nothing.  Any company genuinely using high-quality, properly decontaminated water sources should be bragging about it prominently as a key selling point.

If all you see is a vague, generic “water” with no qualifications, put that organic product straight back on the shelf.  Because odds are, you’re about to pollute your insides with the very chemical cesspool you thought you were avoiding by buying organic food.

Editor’s note: If you read “water,” as a food ingredient, call the company and ask: ‘what kind of water do you use?’ (is the water filtered or not?)  And, if the company does filter their water, ask the company ‘what kind of filter do they use?’  If you don’t like their answers, tell them you prefer clean (filtered) water and that’s why you will no longer buy their products.  Hopefully, this kind of action will help to change the food industry for the better.

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