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Vaccines can and do cause autism, according to San Antonio prosecutor


(NaturalHealth365) Nico LaHood, criminal District Attorney and lead prosecutor in San Antonio, Texas, is no stranger to the science of bringing criminals to justice. Sadly – having witnessed the damage in his own children after vaccination – he is also no stranger to autism spectrum disorder and vaccine injuries. A seasoned prosecutor, LaHood says the circumstantial evidence that the MMR ... Read More »

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Autism and ADHD solutions revealed


(NaturalHealth365) About 1 in 68 American children have some form of autism, according to official government estimates. That number is likely higher, however, as a survey of parents by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that as many as 1 in 45 children, ages 3 through 17, have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Exposing the cause ... Read More »

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The MMR vaccine-autism connection: CDC corruption exposed


(NaturalHealth365) It is becoming increasingly difficult to dismiss the evidence. While you won’t hear about it from the mainstream media, it is becoming clear that one of the country’s most trusted agencies – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – is involved in a cover up regarding the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.  The scandal is ... Read More »

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Actor Aidan Quinn speaks out about vaccines causing his daughter’s autism


(NaturalHealth365) When it comes to the dangers of vaccines and their link to autism, Hollywood actor Aidan Quinn doesn’t need a script. The actor is more than ready to share his family’s painful experience with vaccine injury. Quinn’s elder daughter has autism, a condition he is vocal about attributing to vaccination. Blaming the greed of big pharma, the actor is ... Read More »

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Robert De Niro wants to know the truth about vaccines and autism


(NaturalHealth365)  Is there a link between vaccines and autism?  Robert De Niro wants to know the truth – once and for all. In a stance that appears to be in opposition of his decision of just a few weeks ago, actor Robert De Niro told the NBC Today show’s audience Wednesday that he has not given up on his fight ... Read More »

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Researchers say aborted fetal cells in vaccines causing increase in autism


(NaturalHealth365) Autism is a brain disorder that causes symptoms that typically become noticeable no later than age three. It affects a child’s ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally and also affects social interactions and relationships. In addition, autism can dramatically lower a child’s interest in socializing and may cause a preoccupation with certain activities, toys or routines. It is ... Read More »

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New study reveals major cause for autism

(NaturalHealth365) Most studies on autism focus on genetics and while there have been a great number of studies identifying specific genes involved in the disorder, many experts have made it clear that there is no such thing as a ‘genetic epidemic.’ This has spurred studies on environmental factors that could cause autism or if exposed to in-utero, alter genes so ... Read More »

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Autism news: The healing power of loving dogs

(NaturalHealth365) Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to rise across the nation, with the Centers for Disease Control reporting that 1 in 68 children is currently affected. ASD, a group of neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by cognitive and social impairments plus communication difficulties. Now, emerging research indicates that the simple fact of dog ownership can reduce stress in autistic children and facilitate ... Read More »

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The problem with Autism Awareness Month

(NaturalHealth365) April is Autism Awareness Month and I have always changed this to Autism Causation and Treatment Month. Unfortunately, too many of us are already aware of autism and the numbers keep growing daily. So, what’s the problem? According to Autism Speaks, a child is diagnosed with autism every 11 minutes. We already have awareness, what we need now is ... Read More »

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Autism continues to rise across the nation

(NaturalHealth365) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released the latest autism numbers in March and in a continuing disturbing trend, the numbers are rising quickly. Just a few years ago, the number of children affected by autism was estimated to be 1 in 88 and now it is 1 in 68 – roughly a 30% increase. Boys continue to be ... Read More »

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Sunlight therapy lowers ADHD, autism and depression

(NaturalHealth365) Do you think sunlight is healing to the human body? Unfortunately, many people have been victimized by the brainwashing marketing campaigns of the sunscreen industry and conventional dermatology. The big question remains – can sunlight actually help kids and adults recover from ADHD, autism and depression? In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the sun received a lot of negative ... Read More »

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Researchers discover a link between autism and epilepsy

(NaturalHealth365) Epilepsy occurs in 2-3% of the general population; however this number jumps to 30% if the person has autism. Some researchers believe that epileptic symptoms could be under recognized in children with autism who have moderate to severe developmental delay. The clinical diagnosis of epilepsy in autism is complicated by the fact that some of the symptoms can be ... Read More »

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