Pro-vaccine medical expert ADMITS ‘there is a link’ between vaccinations and autism

Pro-vaccine medical expert ADMITS ‘there is a link’ between vaccinations and autism
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(NaturalHealth365) It’s rightly known as “one of the biggest medical controversies” of all time: vaccinations.  And, while proponents of the vaccine movement have credited these toxic ‘solutions’ with eradicating communicable diseases such as polio and measles, there’s still a heavy debate about the serious implications linked to vaccine side effects.

In fact, more and more research shows that these effects are often serious and life-altering.  There are countless injuries (and lawsuits) associated with vaccines.  Yet, to make matters even worse, we see doctors – who dare to question the validity of vaccinations – under attack.

BOMBSHELL news about vaccinations from a respected medical expert that worked for the government

Case in point: naysayers and government officials have long poo-pooed or even outright ridiculed evidence showing a link between childhood vaccination schedules and autism – a condition that’s estimated to affect as many as 1 in 59 children, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Autism is (often) a lifelong neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect virtually every aspect of a child’s life.  Signs and symptoms include social, behavioral, and communication impairments, as well as telltale physical behaviors including repetitive movements and a lack of eye contact.

The pains taken by the government and Big Pharma officials to hide the fact that vaccines can cause autism will never outweigh the pain endured by the parents and children affected by this condition.  Fortunately, there is now a new harsh light shining directly at this highly ‘controversial’ – and scientifically supported concept.

One person blowing the whistle on the alarming vaccination – autism association is Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, a long-respected pediatric neurologist.

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He now reveals in a sworn affidavit that back in 2007, he warned officials from the Department of Justice (DOJ) that vaccines could induce fever and immune stimulation in a certain “subset” of children. These vaccine side effects could ultimately lead to brain damage typified by autism spectrum disorder.

You can learn more about him and his astonishing admission in this breaking video just released on January 6th of this year:

Expert witness-turned-whistleblower: Guess what happened to him when he tried to blow the cover off a major government cover-up

Dr. Zimmerman’s admission is a major reversal from the early 2000’s, back when the federal government itself used him as a key expert witnesses arguing against the vaccine autism link. In fact, he testified in multiple cases in the so-called Federal Vaccine court – a little known entity which to date has shelled out billions of dollars to families affected by injuries and death caused by vaccines.

But after consulting the research and finally acknowleding the causal relationship between vaccines and autism to the DOJ, Dr. Zimmerman was promptly fired as an expert witness. No surprise there.

Then, the federal government continued to stick their heads in the sand about the issue and (equally non-surprising) misconstrue and discredit Dr. Zimmerman’s professional opinion.

In light of this breaking vaccine news, we would be thrilled about the hard-hitting admission if it weren’t so disturbing: the fact that government officials have known all along vaccines can cause autism…but have been trying to hide this reality from the American public.

Time will tell if this disturbing truth will earn its rightful revelation. In the mean time, a lauded pediatric neurologist who once debunked the vaccine autism connection now admits that many of his own young patients got autism from the standard childhood vaccination schedule.

Who knows how many other children living with autism were handed the same fate.

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