Vaccines can and do cause autism, according to San Antonio prosecutor

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nico-lahood(NaturalHealth365) Nico LaHood, criminal District Attorney and lead prosecutor in San Antonio, Texas, is no stranger to the science of bringing criminals to justice. Sadly – having witnessed the damage in his own children after vaccination – he is also no stranger to autism spectrum disorder and vaccine injuries.

A seasoned prosecutor, LaHood says the circumstantial evidence that the MMR vaccine causes autism is extremely strong – so strong that he would feel “comfortable” if presenting the case to a jury.  Keep in mind, this is from a man who prosecutes criminals for a living – a scathing indictment of the vaccine industry. (Don’t you think so?)

The MMR vaccine can cause immediate and irreparable damage

In an interview with Polly Tommey, producer of the movie “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” LaHood pulled no punches in saying “vaccines can, and do, cause autism.” Along with his wife, Davida, LaHood gives an account of the vaccination injuries suffered by both his daughter, Maya, and his son, Michael.

According to the LaHoods, Maya was a thriving, healthy baby until being vaccinated. She then developed a skin condition with hives and severe eczema, and sometimes had to be restrained at night to stop her from scratching until she bled.

Son Michael was healthy, alert and outgoing up until his 18-month vaccination. Immediately afterwards, he started twitching uncontrollably. Even more alarming, he stopped making eye contact, along with displaying the slowed motor and language skills associated with autism spectrum disorder.

“At some point during vaccinations,” say the LaHoods, “you see a different child.”  Watch this exclusive interview below:

The LaHoods also point to long-time family friends – a Merck scientist and his nurse wife – who refuse to have any of their four children vaccinated, as well as other families with similar stories: children who were thriving until vaccinated and then developed severe problems.

Agencies admit to devastating side effects of vaccines

According to both the CDC and Merck, manufacturer of the MMR vaccines, adverse reactions from monovalent or bivalent vaccines can include fever, rash, fainting, headache, vasculitis, pancreatitis, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, coma and permanent brain damage.

And these sickening adverse effects are happening to real families, in real time – all the time.

“Vaxxed” producer Del Bigtree points to tens of thousands of parents who have seen their children suffer seizures, rash, and listlessness post-vaccination – followed by a loss of the ability to walk and talk. Like Nico LaHood, Bigtree maintains that vaccinations, particularly when given between the age of 12 and 18 months, can cause autism.

But, unsurprisingly, the search for the almighty dollar prevails over all of us. Especially when you consider that big pharma, the most powerful lobby in America, doesn’t want to lose its patent privileges or profits.

Are we ‘crazy people’ for wanting safer vaccines?

Vaccination safety advocates such as Bigtree say they are not necessarily “anti-vaccine” but are pushing for safer vaccinations. Their quarrel is with the CDC’s mandatory vaccination agenda, the early age at which vaccines are given, and the ways in which are combined.

Some also maintain that the vaccines are ineffective, and say that the decades-long dramatic drop in measles outbreaks in the United States is due to better living conditions and medical care. As for the recent uptick in measles outbreaks, they note that these outbreaks were traced to vaccinated individuals.

VAXXED blows the lid off the MMR/autism cover-up scandal

“Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe” revolves around CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, who says the CDC has committed “scientific fraud” by covering up data concerning the dangers of vaccines and the causal link with autism.
You can stream this vitally important movie online, or buy the DVD, which will be available as of Sept. 13th.

Click here to watch the Vaxxed team LIVE and be kept up-to-date, as they travel the United States.

Nico LaHood, a self-avowed truth-seeker, says he hates deception above all. “But deception has been promulgated.”
“Vaxxed” exposes this deception, in all its ugly detail.


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  • Jim Cook

    There are no safe vaccines. A vaccine, by definition, provokes an immune response from the adaptive immune system. The only thing that provokes such a response is a vital threat to the organism, such as the presence of a pathogen or toxin in the muscle tissue or bloodstream. By law, if a drug doesn’t provoke such a response, it’s not a vaccine. As Congress put it when it absolved vaccine manufacturers of most legal liability for the damage their products cause, vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” If you believe that vaccines are necessary to protect the human race from communicable disease but want safer vaccines, you’re caught in a dilemma and your position is essentially untenable. If you realize and stand up for the truth, that vaccines protect no one from anything but the symptoms of disease, the very symptoms that are the immune system’s way of combating disease, then you have all the real scientific evidence as well as the latest biological theory on your side.

  • Noreen Grayson

    This is one article i read and re-read every word. I have talked to parents who claim what happened to their child was from the vaccinations. I have no reason to doubt them. There is no profit incentive to make this up.

    Look where the profit is and you see the need to cover this up. I don’t know how anyone can question firsthand experience.

  • Dee Mantel

    The use and expansion of vaccines without enough long or even short term studies is criminal. So what should be clear is that the pharmaceutical industry with their government ties should stand trial.

  • Gavin Tyler

    In my family, among my friends and business associates there are enough kids with autism to know something is going on. How the press doesn’t pick up these stories is beyond me.

    • JB

      The press is bought and payed for by the drug companies as well as congress and the federal government. The Rockefeller Family not only controls the pharmaceutical industry they control what is and isnt taught in medical schools. That’s the reason nothing but drugs are taught and the true healers lifestyle, nutrition, alternative cures etc. are rarely mentioned. The health care industry is a disease care industry. They know their cancer drugs and vaccines don’t work and kill millions but it’s too profitable to stop!

      • Respectfulguest

        The ‘press’ is part of the same corporate owned establishment. No more ‘free press’. They form public opinion the way that their masters want them to. Thank goodness for foreign press and for social media and blogs and alternate sites.

        • Truth4All

          Yes, that’s true… but I’m still sending this to News Stations and saying SHAME ON YOU if you do not start putting out the truth about Big Pharma! SHAME!

  • Sammy Trent

    You can’t make this up, it’s so preposterous to even doubt this story. If all American citizens refused to take the pharmaceutical industry claims as factual we would see change.

    • Truth4All

      We have to do our best to get this article to as many people as we can, to get more people aware. I’m going to send this to some news channels.

  • nutritionxpert

    For ANYONE to say vaccines do not damage children, they don’t understand how vaccines work or are just buying into the ASTROTURFING, corrupt drug company propaganda! In order for a vaccine to have any effect, it has to damage the victim being injected with that poison. This is why no study will show vaccines are safe! They can’t be, by design!

  • Annie

    Off topic, but I hope the interviewer has gotten her goiter checked out.

    God bless and keep you safe, Vaxxed team!

  • Talon

    I hope this prosecutor has heard about GcMAF and has his children treated. It the cure that works in 80% or the children treated. The pharmaceutical industry in America is a joke as we have become the laughing stock of the planet….shameful and dispicable.

  • Nelson Gleson

    The vaccines contain many toxins. Getting rid of mercury and aluminum takes quite a bid of work. Why put something in in your body that you need to get rid of latter. Vaccines provide little protection, while providing an accumulation of heavy metals.

  • Mike Lowenthan

    Having seen neighbors who had to travel overseas get up to 11 plus vaccinations for conditions that aren’t a big threat anymore causes me concern. These are business people going to china, Vietnam and other far off places.

    I fear for them as no one knows what these vaccines do over a long period of time. The other concern is how many are given the vaccines together or very close together. No vaccine manufacturers ever tested these alone much less together.

  • Barney Johnson

    What if we look at this another way. Vaccines are not animated, what causes autism is pharmaceutical scientist formulating the disgusting concoction and the doctors who do not question the results even when they see it with their own eyes.