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Genetically modified crops threaten organic farm land

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(NaturalHealth365) Genetically modified crops are a contentious topic in Washington as people all over America and around the world are demanding the ban of GMOs in foods. The presence of GMOs has virtually taken over the United States food industry since they were introduced in 1996, gradually becoming an increasing threat to the environment and consumer health. According to the ... Read More »

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Britain set to launch first ever genetically modified human embryo

(NaturalHealth365) On Friday, the CBC and Reuters published articles announcing that Britain is “planning to become the first country in the world to offer controversial ‘three-parent’ fertility treatments to families who want to avoid passing on incurable diseases to their children.” The British government will be drafting legislation later this year to legalize and regulate three-parent in vitro fertilization in ... Read More »

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Sound the alarm about genetically modified foods

(NaturalHealth365) Most multi-national (junk) food producers hope we never learn about the dangers of genetically modified, poisoned foods. For more than a decade, companies like Monsanto have been working to control the world’s food supply with expensive GM seeds. GMO food threatens the biodiversity of life, our environment and the health of every animal (including humans) on the planet. It’s ... Read More »

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Genetically modified foods are more dangerous for children than adults

(NaturalHealth365) According to Vyvyan Howard, an expert in infant toxico-pathology at Liverpool University Hospital, United Kingdom, “Swapping genes between organisms can produce unknown toxic effects and allergies that are most likely to affect children.” Changes in nutrition have a greater impact on the structure and functioning of young, fast-growing bodies. More of the food is converted to build organs and ... Read More »

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Genetically Modified Foods, Toxins and Reproductive Failures

(NaturalHealth365) Rhetoric from the US government since the early 1990s proclaims that genetically modified (GM) foods are not significantly different from natural plant foods. This assertion is political, not scientific. In fact, FDA scientists had privately warned that splicing foreign genes into crops might produce dangerous side effects, including high levels of toxins. Their concerns have now been validated. Nearly ... Read More »

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Doctors prescribe – No Genetically Modified Foods

(NaturalHealth365) “It looks the same—the bread, pies, sodas, even corn on the cob. So much of what we eat every day looks just like it did 20 years ago. But something profoundly different has happened without our knowledge or consent. And according to leading doctors, what we don’t know may already be hurting us big time. In May 2009, the ... Read More »

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Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality

“This study was just routine,” said Russian biologist Alexey V. Surov, in what could end up as the understatement of this century.  Surov and his colleagues set out to discover if Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) soy, grown on 91% of US soybean fields, leads to problems in growth or reproduction.  What he discovered may uproot a multi-billion dollar industry. After ... Read More »

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Monsanto gets license to create new modified crops using unregulated gene editing


(NaturalHealth365) The genetic alteration of our food has taken another scary turn. While the use of GMOs (genetically modified food) is still a concern, a new technology has been added to the frightening arsenal of Monsanto and other ‘Frankenfood producers’ – and as of now, it will be largely unregulated. (This technology threatens all of us) It’s a gene editing ... Read More »

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FDA approves genetically engineered salmon, no label required


(NaturalHealth365) While Americans may have a diversity of opinion on many issues, they do have one area of widespread consensus – that genetically modified food poses a health risk and ought to be labeled. That commonly held belief was delivered a blow recently, however, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the sale of genetically engineered salmon as ... Read More »

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Genetically engineered humans for profit

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(NaturalHealth365) Are we ready for genetically engineered humans designed to increase corporate profits? As we speak, there are lots of scientists that believe we can, eventually, eliminate disease and ‘unwanted’ traits. There’s only one catch – the corporations funding this research may own our lives – if they are successful. The concept is fairly simple – genetically ‘improve’ faulty genes ... Read More »

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How babies are being genetically engineered

(NaturalHealth365) There you are in your fertility doctor’s office. The results of the genetic tests on your embryos just came back. Your doctor informs you that one of them has the AR gene (androgen receptor genes), which has been correlated with an increase in violent behavior. What he does not tell you is that the AR gene only correlates with ... Read More »

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Genetically engineered soybeans may cause allergies

(NaturalHealth365) “I used to test for soy allergies all the time, but now that soy is genetically engineered, it is so dangerous that I tell people never to eat it – unless it says organic.” – Allergy specialist John Boyles, MD Beginning in 1996, genes from bacteria and viruses have been forced into the DNA of soy, corn, cotton, and ... Read More »

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