ALERT: Genetically engineered mosquitos released in the US despite potential environmental harm

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genetically-engineered-mosquitos(NaturalHealth365)  Genetically modified mosquitoes were recently released in the United States.  Anyone with critical thinking abilities can see that the introduction of genetically engineered mosquitoes into any environment, be it in the United States or elsewhere, could have an unpredictable outcome.

The intermingling of the modified insects with other mosquitoes, the environment, and human beings could lead to devastating consequences.

EPA greenlights biotech firm to release genetically modified mosquitos in Florida, Texas, and California

Oxitec, a biotech business, finally obtained approval to release its genetically modified mosquitoes in the United States.  Specifically, the mosquitoes have been released in Key West, Florida.  The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services provided Oxitec with the green light to release the mosquitoes through the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) experimental use permit (EUP).  The EUP authorized the company to release the modified mosquitoes in Key West and Texas.

All in all, about five million genetically engineered mosquitoes were released in Key West over seven months earlier this year.  Fast forward to spring of this year, Oxitec obtained a two-year extension of its permit that allows for the release of even more genetically modified mosquitoes throughout Florida.

Oxitec also obtained clearance to release its genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes in four counties throughout California.  Perhaps the most interesting component of the story is the fact that Oxitec obtained the extension approval before it publicly released the results from its latest field trial conducted in Florida.  It is clear that the EPA is fast-tracking Oxitec’s requests while putting the public’s interest on the back burner and even simply neglecting it.

What will be the price to pay for another human experiment?

Crunch the numbers from the latest Oxitec genetically modified mosquito reports, and you will find more than two billion of the little buggers have been let loose.

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What could potentially go wrong?  We simply don’t know, which is why the decision to release these creatures into our environment is so wrong.  Unfortunately, it appears we are in the midst of another experiment without informed consent.

Here is why GM mosquitos were built with a genetic kill switch

The genetically modified mosquitoes released in Florida and California were built with a genetic kill switch.  If the mosquito mates with a female mosquito in the wild, the baby will inherit the deadly gene, ultimately resulting in the inability to survive or reproduce.  The hope is that reducing the population of mosquitoes will slow or stop the spread of the diseases like, yellow fever and Zika.

Oxitec is advertising its genetically modified mosquitoes as environmentally friendly and also as a boon to property owners who want mosquitoes to disappear for good.  The science behind the approach’s unique self-limiting gene allegedly suppresses reproduction for generations.

Will modified mosquitoes compromise the environment?

The question is whether the genetically engineered mosquitoes will wreak havoc in the environment by disrupting the food chain, ultimately serving as a net negative, albeit with positive intentions.  Time will tell; however, residents in Florida, California, and Texas have good reason to be concerned, raise questions, and protest the transmission of these genetically altered insects into their residential spaces.

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