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Is the EPA aiding Monsanto in covering up the cancer-causing effects of Roundup?


(NaturalHealth365) Monsanto and the Environmental Protection Agency have apparently joined forces to try to prevent a former EPA official from being deposed during an upcoming legal battle. And the stakes are high – attorneys representing a group of cancer patients are accusing Jess Rowland, a former deputy at the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) Office of Pesticide Programs, of breaking ethics rules ... Read More »

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Monsanto undercover funding has led the attack on organic foods


(NaturalHealth365) In April of 2014, Academics Review released its organic marketing report – and proceeded to blast the organic foods industry. The report, which received extensive coverage by the mainstream media, accused the industry of creating false and misleading perceptions and indulging in intentionally deceptive marketing. (Wait, until you see what Monsanto is doing – keep reading) The report was ... Read More »

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Missouri’s largest peach grower sues Monsanto for damages over pesticide drift


(NaturalHealth365) Finally, someone has stepped forward to hold Monsanto – the most hated corporation in the world – legally responsible for the crop devastation caused by drifting of its toxic herbicide. A Missouri peach grower has filed a lawsuit against Monsanto, claiming that illegal use of the herbicide dicamba caused extensive damage to his peach trees – along with millions ... Read More »

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Monsanto gets license to create new modified crops using unregulated gene editing


(NaturalHealth365) The genetic alteration of our food has taken another scary turn. While the use of GMOs (genetically modified food) is still a concern, a new technology has been added to the frightening arsenal of Monsanto and other ‘Frankenfood producers’ – and as of now, it will be largely unregulated. (This technology threatens all of us) It’s a gene editing ... Read More »

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NH365 076: Monsanto deception – How GMOs and the biotech industry threaten human health

naturalhealth365 podcast

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS(NaturalHealth365) Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, represent one of the greatest threats to human health. This relatively ‘new’ form of technology is being heavily promoted by the world’s most hated corporation, Monsanto. Why should we be concerned about GMOs?  Many health experts and independent scientists are showing us how ... Read More »

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Monsanto unleashes new GMO crops that requires use of toxic, unapproved herbicide


(NaturalHealth365) Among the many grave concerns about GMO crops from seeds manufactured by companies like Monsanto is that they are causing the development of “superweeds.”  This farming disaster is largely due to the overuse of the weed killer glyphosate, which is the man-made ingredient of the popular Monsanto product Roundup. These weed killers are specially formulated to pair with genetically ... Read More »

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Is Monsanto the reason for gluten allergies


(NaturalHealth365) The incidence of celiac disease has increased at alarming rates around the globe, particularly in North America and Europe, where it’s estimated as much as 5 percent of the population suffers from the disease today. Those continents are also where chemical giant Monsanto has been most successful in selling the weed killer glyphosate, marketed by farm chemical giant Monsanto ... Read More »

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Monsanto accused of knowing the dangers of glyphosate for 30 years


(NaturalHealth365) Monsanto’s Roundup® herbicide is used as a weed killer by homeowners and farmers around the globe. With huge profits, this multinational agrichemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation is expected to raked in about $4.8 billion in revenue. But, numerous lawsuits (more now than ever) are being filed against this monstrous company for the weed killer. While Monsanto may have been ... Read More »

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Monsanto lures consumers with toxic “smells that sell”


(NaturalHealth365) Having its start in 1901, Monsanto (an international agrochemical and agriculture biotechnology corporation) planted itself in the heart of America – Greater St. Louis, Missouri. While making statements on how they “think holistically” and “help farmers produce food in a sustainable way,” this worldwide powerhouse has become the most hated company on earth. In fact, Monsanto rallies will draw ... Read More »

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Monsanto lobbies for no safety testing on new gene destroying spray


(NaturalHealth365) Just as the true ecological impact of its earlier products is coming to light, Monsanto has announced plans to bring yet another biotechnology experiment to the farm field. This time, the chemical giant’s focus is on a new biotechnology – RNA interference. Yet, interference is exactly what Monsanto is hoping to avoid, when it comes to the U.S. Environmental ... Read More »

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Monsanto says glyphosate is safe as Colombia halts pesticide usage

spraying glyphosate

(NaturalHealth365) It seems the risk of poisoning civilians has been the price to pay in the midst of the United States war on drugs in South America. But officials in Colombia are finally seeing that crop dusting coca fields with the deadly herbicide glyphosate is too big of a health risk, particularly in an area where proper medical attention is ... Read More »

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The world is waking up: March Against Monsanto – May 23, 2015

march against monsanto

(NaturalHealth365) Ready for this year’s March Against Monsanto? Mark your calendar for this Saturday, May 23 where millions are expected to gather worldwide again to march against Monsanto, elevating awareness to promote GMO labeling and GMO free food safety. This year, the message of March Against Monsanto is simple and clear: “Monsanto makes us sick.” Monsanto, the St. Louis based ... Read More »

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