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Coconut water exposed: 9 brands to avoid due to harmful chemicals


(NaturalHealth365) As one of the healthiest drinks in the world, coconut water is exceptionally beneficial for health. Its unique compilation of vitamins and minerals help protect your body. For example, better than sports drinks, coconut water provides athletes a natural potassium and magnesium-rich drink that rehydrates the body while reducing inflammation and balancing blood sugar. A scientific review published in ... Read More »

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The Power of Coconut Water


(NaturalHealth365) The power of coconut water goes beyond its hydrating effects. Coconut water is a clear liquid found in young coconuts. As coconuts mature, the water content diminishes; it is replaced by the coconut meat and air. The young coconut has little meat, and it is tender and gel like. While new to America this drink has long been used ... Read More »

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