Dangerous Chemicals

Toxic metal hip replacement could cause dementia or heart disease, doctors claim

hip replacement

(NaturalHealth365) Advancements in hip replacement procedures have given tremendous pain relief, for some people with severe joint issues. However, new information is revealing that the material used could be toxic – leading to many health issues, like dementia. The problem is: these metal hip replacement devices leach out toxic chemicals into the bloodstream. And, while some people may not be ... Read More »

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Disinfectant use linked to lung disease


(NaturalHealth365) Everyone has a natural instinct to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals. However, many make an exception when it comes to the popular use of disinfectant (cleaning) products. For example, one group of healthcare providers will be thinking twice about their habits – after reading this special report. A recent release by INSERM of Villejuif, France is connecting regular use ... Read More »

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The use of mouthwash linked to increased risk of type 2 diabetes


(NaturalHealth365) While oral health is important, if you are already at a higher risk for type 2 diabetes – due to genetics or lifestyle decisions – then, using mouthwash could be increasing it significantly. A recent study out of Harvard University has found that persons who use mouthwash twice per day are up to 55 percent more likely to develop ... Read More »

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44 toxic chemicals in carpet that could be destroying your health


(Naturalhealth365) For most, the word “home” evokes feelings of privacy, sanctity and safety. But, in reality, most people (unfortunately) would never suspect that the carpeting underfoot would be a source of danger and a hidden reservoir of toxic chemicals. In a report released last October by Healthy Building Network (HBN), 44 toxic substances were identified in ordinary broadloom carpets and ... Read More »

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Organic city: Portland, Maine bans toxic pesticides on public and private property


(NaturalHealth365) At the beginning of 2018, the City Council of Portland, Maine decided in a unanimous vote (9-0) to restrict toxic pesticide use in favor of safer organic methods. The decision applies to all lands and yards in the city, both private and public. (Why can’t other cities do this?) It took two and a half years of intense discussion ... Read More »

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Most overlooked reason why weight loss may be difficult


(Naturalhealth365) No doubt, weight loss is a top priority for millions of people – for good reason.  But, with many people disappointed in their results – science is (finally) getting closer to admitting WHY it’s so difficult to lose weight. (let’s take a closer look at this issue.) In reality, being overweight or obese has reached epidemic proportions in the ... Read More »

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Toxic fragrance chemicals cause over a dozen adverse health reactions


(NaturalHealth365) The dangers of secondhand smoke are well known. But, what about the dangers of “secondhand scents?” A study shows that a stunning 34 percent of the American population suffer adverse effects after exposure to air fresheners and other scented products. And fully half of those affected experience health problems serious enough to be classified as “disabling.”  Keep reading to ... Read More »

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WARNING: Lead levels dangerously high in drinking glasses and popular merchandise


(NaturalHealth365) Most of us associate drinking out of glass drinkware with a higher-end dining experience. However, University of Plymouth researchers have determined that some glass drinkware and other products could be exposing you to toxic levels of lead and cadmium. There are legal limits regarding certain chemicals, substances and heavy metals allowed in household products. However, the researchers determined that ... Read More »

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Glyphosate exposure linked to 9 disease conditions, researchers reveal


(NaturalHealth365) While heart disease and cancer remain the two main causes of death in the United States, the past 20 years have seen skyrocketing rates of Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune disorders, type 2 diabetes, obesity, non alcoholic fatty liver disease and autism.  Could all these health issues be resolved by getting rid of toxic chemicals like, glyphosate and improving the quality ... Read More »

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Drinking water all over the world contaminated with plastic, researchers find


(NaturalHealth365) A new study shows that literally billions of people are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with a stunning 83 percent of tap water samples from around the globe registering microplastic pollution. From the faucets of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) office building to kitchens in residential neighborhoods in New Delhi, plastic pollution has penetrated our world – ... Read More »

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Glyphosate levels sharply increase by 1,208% within the human body


(NaturalHealth365) The environmental dangers of glyphosate in Roundup and other weed killer products have been well documented. Now new research, from a team led by Paul Mills of the University of California San Diego, has found it could be negatively affecting human health – especially in lower-income communities, as illustrated by the 1,208 percent increase in human glyphosate levels. The study ... Read More »

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Harmful nanoparticles found inside baby formula


(NaturalHealth365) Six popular types of infant formula were recently tested for additives, and all six showed the presence of harmful nanoparticles. This is a major cause for concern, as these engineered particles pose a serious threat to personal health and safety. The baby formula brands included Gerber Good Start Soothe, Gerber Good Start Gentle, Similac Advance OptiGRO (powder), Similac Advance ... Read More »

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