The ultimate crime of conventional medicine

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(NaturalHealth365) Why do people place ALL of their faith and trust in western medicine? Conventional doctors treat every chronic disease with a toxic chemical (drugs); learn little or nothing about disease prevention (nutrition) and kick patients out of their medical practice for merely questioning a treatment – like vaccinations. Something is wrong with this picture – don’t you think?

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It’s a crime to suppress life-saving information

According to Thomas Gray (poet) – “ignorance is bliss”. Well, when is comes to healthcare – it’s simply NOT true and millions of people are waking up to a new reality. You CAN reverse cancer (naturally) without drugs or surgery; prevent heart attacks with diet and exercise (alone) and eliminate type 1 or 2 diabetes within days – without taking insulin shots!

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison

Don’t allow you (or your loved ones) to become a death statistic of the “modern” sick-care system. Mammography can NOT prevent cancer, taking cholesterol-lowering medication (statins) does NOT prevent a heart attack and obesity will not be cured by stapling your stomach. But, if you live a healthy lifestyle, you can virtually eliminate the threat of disease your whole life.

What your doctor isn’t telling you – could kill you

Ask yourself one important question: “What does my doctor (“teacher”) have to offer me?” In other words, how was your physician medically-trained? If your doctor only knows about sickness – how can you ever feel great under his (or her) care?

At Quantum University, the world’s largest institution of higher learning for integrative medicine, healthcare professionals are exposed to the new emerging science of quantum physics. Their “belief system” is a shinning example of what every medical student needs to know. (keep reading)

According to Quantum University:

We believe that the right to heal belongs to everyone who sincerely manifests and desire it.

We believe in the reality of the field and subspace as the optimal source of healing.

We believe in improving the health of communities by acting collectively on this subtle dimension.

We believe in a natural, non-invasive approach to restoring health, without side effects.

We believe that everyone should be educated on how to heal themselves and others.

We believe in promoting the practice of this healing art with competence, ethics, and compassion.

We believe in using a model of medicine based on the concepts of bio-terrain and subtle energies.

We believe that we can prevent disease and generate optimal health for all.

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This week’s guest: Dr. Paul Drouin, founder of Quantum University

Dr. Drouin reveals our true healing capabilities plus much more – Thu. Mar. 15

Dr. Paul Drouin, a Canadian M.D., has dedicated his life to the promotion of natural health and the prevention of disease, and to bringing depth and understanding to the field of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Drouin’s approach to medicine promotes innovative methods of evaluation as a way to integrate quantum consciousness into the art of healing.

As founder of the Quantum University, Dr. Drouin is dedicated to consolidating his knowledge of conventional medicine, natural medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, quantum physics and advanced biofeedback into a model of Integrative Medicine.

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The NaturalNews Talk Hour begins this Thursday evening at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, and registration is FREE. Simply click the banner “free shows” on the right column of this page, enter your email address and you’ll receive show details plus a FREE 7-Day juice cleanse!

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  1. It’s about time dr’s recognised the importance of what goes in your body can help,and even cure what ails it! Sadly they have become the Pimps to the drug industry. having said that there are certain drugs that help a condition until we can revert to normal healthy eating.

  2. There’s nothing new under the sun. Substitute quantum for say, Chinese in this case. Also, and as usual, nothing is mentioned of karma and or indications in the natal chart. Things may be more complex than feeling good and open meridians etc. Of course there’s help in this regard but it may be different than fasting or subtle manipulations etc etc. In essence, we, some, are dealing with long term “curses” (visa versa as well of course). It doesn’t have to be a health condition (ie finances or relationship or both etc). It’s some deficit in your spiritual profile let’s call it. If it’s not this; part of the spiritual growth and correction process…then it is clearly a curse. Where This comes from is the million dollar question.

  3. Thu,15th Mar 2012 10:45

    If you have not, then you should have Dr.Robert Marshall PHd as
    one of your super guess. It would take me too long to tell you about him,so therefore,just go to his web site
    and you will see for your self about this outstanding doctor
    who is able to heal people with just nutrition.


    When GOD created human beings, he had not thought of creating doctors. hence,he had given all precautions in human body to prevent infections.
    when there is infection in stomac,it is flushed out by loose motion. when there is infection in ear or throat , the body temperature goes up to restrict infection to spread. when your skin touches any hot body, there is immediate acumulation of water ,which we call blister.
    Hence i feel our body has a self curing system, which we donot understand.

  5. I see that you say type 1 diabetes can be cured in days. I am game having tried many cures over the years none worked. All to some extent made the condition better. Never the less after 38yrs living with this and my ten year old son living with it for 6years I would like to find the cure.

  6. Until we know even more this is a huge step in progress for mankind.

  7. This has been a long time coming. Glad to know it finally arrived!! I have been into alternative healing since I had been married to a Stanford educated physician. I was aghast that in 8 years of medical school, they had 12 hours on nutrition and health. I realized then, I had to take responsibility for my own health and well being. Most people do not see that everything about their health starts with the fork and knife. Eating the last 5 years only unprocessed organic food at home, I have not had a cold or flu in 5 years. Before eating organic, anybody sneezing within a hundred mile of me, I caught their cold or flu. I have always been into exercise and have now added yoga to it. I love how I feel and enjoy my health. When People ask me what I do (I do not ever volunteer my life style unless ask) and I tell them, they look at me and say….”oh, I could not do that!!” I smile at them and say: “it all is a choice” and then change the subject. They have been brainwashed that they have to take the blood pressure pills and that statin. Changing their life style does not even enters their minds. We are all responsible for how we feel and how healthy we are.

  8. You’re right. It is a definite CRIME to deny this healing and/or knowledge. I think we’re moving toward this realization fast. There will be those held accountable. in the future.

    Another realization which is difficult, is that there are evil people who are attracted to the “infinite field” construct. That’s because they see it as license to ‘give up’ morality and embrace their own selfish desires or thoughts.

    How to have a spirit of goodness (of God?) and, as well, embrace mechanics that I believe the divine architect designed, is our focus.

    Realizing that it is a CRIME to withhold healing is part of Goodness.
    Mary from stamford, CT

  9. I’m a student at Quantum University and have learned so much about healing, experiencing it myself. No matter which faith you are of, healing is part of our design. Dr. Drouin explains the most complicated of the quantum and spiritual world in a way that all can understand and “believe” Thank you Dr. Drouin for your amazing work.



  12. I agree!!! The current medical field is not serving us…I know I have been worked in it for 19 yrs. It has changed.

    I had a recent diagnosis last year with Hashimoto’s Diss-ease with my antibodies going through the roof… So, I became a patient it the system. after ER visit I was sent for testing my heart.. which was fine and then to a endocrinologist.. which in short I was put on RX sythroid which didn’t work..for me! This was my lot in life??? life long medication.. they didn’t understand what caused it??


    They never recommended or associated food allergies with the inflammation. (I am in the medical field so I know how it works and how it doesn’t work) and I know how to research, I began asking questions, If I didn’t like the results or it didn’t resonate with me, I moved on.

    Long story shortened…

    I have changed my diet, I started talking to people in my ASEA family and It was suggested to me to have a extensive blood test for allergies (which I had to pay out of pocket)and to do infer-red saunas for cleansing metal toxicity.

    Blood test results = I had mutiple alergies to common foods..eggs, milk, wheat, gluten…almonds avacados, green beans?? who knew..

    I eat a corrected diet, take my vitamins and ASEA along with drinking lots of water with a vodka and grapefruit every now and then 😉 ….and am feeling 100% better! I am still taking a thyroid medication but will see if I can reverse that in the near future.

    My traditional doctors had me beleiveing that my lot in life…was to take medication the rest of my life. I choose not to go down that road..

    It has taken me 1 year so far to get myself put back together.

    PS…For those interested in contacting me and learning more about ASEA you can go to

  13. You can eat right and still get a cold unless you’re isolated and don’t exert energy or something like that. We aren’t invincible by eating and exercising unfortunately – especially if it’s indicated in your natal chart. “Quantum” should be a tip off. There’s an entire Industry behind this term now…and there is Zilch new about it, in Anything. It’s energy and intent. Two words…yet many write volume$ about it.

    “When GOD created human beings, he had not thought of creating doctors.”

    Interesting, sounds awesome and glad you hear direct from God. Yet this idea flies in the face, or is a slap in, of many incarnated souls that chose to be a healer this time round. Perhaps you mean Allopathic MD’$ who sell out to big pharma…

  14. What can I do for tiredness I am always tired I am 51 yrs. old And the best time of the day that I just start feeling good and energetic is at evening time then I gotta take something at night just to go to sleep otherwise I’m up all night well into the morning I NEED HELP !!!

  15. To Teresa and anyone interested.
    I (just turned 55) am successfully digging myself out of a severe energy deficit right now (fibromyalgia and CFS) by doing a few simple things that work for me. I used to eat a lot of pasta, ice-cream and drank too much coffee (caffeine was my ergogenic aid and later became my abosolute crutch), although I had healthy lunches. I had to have coffee to wake up and couldn’t sleep at night. I was burried under a magnesium/energy deficit (long story–but magnesium is required for transducing energy for the body. I can supplement with Mg (I like Magnesium malate), but I lately cut way back on caffeine and sugar which had been wasting my body’s reserve of Mg! Thus I can conserve my Mg resources now. I take B stress high potency vitamin for awhile, and I reset my cortisol rhythm by taking a delicious couple of chewable vitamin C with bioflavinoids first thing every morning 1/2 hour before anything else. My adrenals are weak and I don’t want to “kick” them to force more cortisol than I need with coffee, but I want to help them out–the chewable C does that for me–later I can eat a small breakfast or if I need more brain energy I have one piece of dark chocolate instead, then eat breakfast a bit later. (I never skip breakfast anymore.) (dark chocolate contains among other things, Magnesium.) I don’t overdo it -just one chocolate usually –to help while I wean myself off coffee. I avoid caffeine in the PM-only if I need a slight pick-me up, do I take some green tea in the daytime. My cortisol rhythm has greatly improved and I find it easier to fall asleep. A very small carbohydrate before bedtime helps me sleep if needed. To give me sustained energy throughout the day I try protein shake for breakfast (i.e. a slightly higher protein ratio than usual)-I use undenatured whey. On alternate mornings (or prior to shake) I make a delicious fresh lemon/fresh ginger “tea” with honey–sufficiently potent it stimultes the taste buds like you’re tasting alcohol and I don’t miss coffee one bit. I use some lemon rind and all the white pulp I can get–I grate plenty of frozen ginger root or put fresh ginger it in a blender (great for my liver, complexion, energy, and the ginger really helps the circulation–if I want to I add a very very tiny amount of cayenne pepper).I understand that I have to drink this “super lemonaide” by itself and not take with food–and actually the pulp is filling so I am not hungry for awhile. Helps alkalize and lose a little weight too. I do this occasionally for a few days.
    I used to take occasional melatonin drops at night. Don’t really need it anymore. I plan on taking a calcium/magnesium at night before bedtime for awhile, making sure Mg is at least equal to my Ca (if not higher) in terms of milligram strength. I used to be vit D deficient-had a cortisol/caffeine/vit D receptor vs caffeine/graves and thyroiditis/fibromyalgia/CFS/reduced insulin sensitivity problem. Took some vitamin D for awhile (on the recommendation of the only MD who took me a little seriously) as I tested low on vit D, and found a few simple delicious solutions for a complex problem. Love it! It’s about biochemistry. (By the way, my new diet has improved my retinal health–this week’s eye exam showed my retina is back to normal.)