Reverse Pneumonia In 3 Hours

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Frequently asked questions:

Why is vitamin C important and essential for human health?

Can vitamin C help me neutralize toxins? (Yes!)

What is the best way to take vitamin C?

Which brand of vitamin C powder does NaturalHealth365 suggest?

What about a good quality liposomal vitamin C – any ideas?

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  • pam r

    Hi, You are probably getting no more than 120 mg of Vitamin C. It would be very expensive to get the enough you needed if you were sick. It’s good to take those super berries. But you are going to need ascorbic acid to get enough. If you have pneumonia or the flu you can’t get 60,000 mg from food.

  • kathleen

    Great Interview- It works If you take enough C you can get rid of flu symptoms in 12 hours. There really is no need for flu shots when you understand the power of c. It works wonders for sinuses also. The whole key to it’s effectiveness is dosage and frequency. Not all at once but every hour or 2.

  • Molly Malone

    Fabulous talk! Thank you! I tell my friends about vitamin C so often, I’m sure they are sick of listening to me. But I keep talking… it works. The data given in this talk is so valuable, so many people don’t really understand high dose vit C. I cured my daughter’s strep with scarlet fever in 5 days. That’s right friends, 5 days! No antibiotics, no anything but vit C and zinc. 1g Every 30-45-60 minutes. The highest dose was given on day 3 and was 50g (50,000mg) by mouth. We decreased daily as she improved. On day 5 she met a friend at the mall and was fine, never had a relapse. Pure ascorbic acid. Works like magic, but it’s science…

    • AutismDad

      Last winter I quit hockey because of what seemed to be sciatic pain. Figuring it was permenant I stopped exerting myself. But my desire to play got me searching on line and after reading about dehydration and magnesium I cured myself and I’m back playing, pain free. No allopathic doctor would have suggested that and would have failed me.

  • Barbara Anne Jones

    Taking 20,000 of Vit.C sounds, as you say, fascinating…. But, it’s always been advised to start out minimally with this Vitamin as it will cause an overactive Bowel ?

    • pam r

      When you are sick you need way more than 20,000mg but you do not take it all at once usually at least 2,000mg every hour. When you reach bowel tolerance which is different for everyone you can start the liposomal C.

  • Barbara Anne Jones

    I’ve been told, Ascorbic Acid is not Vit.C ?
    Is this correct ?
    SO MUCH CONFUSION ‘ out here ?’

  • Barbara Anne Jones

    How about Lypospheric Vit.C ?
    Is this the best ?

    • pam r

      Lypospheric C is great I use one everyday. I take C powder everyday at least 6,000mg. The liposomal C allows you to take more without any disturbance to the bowels. If you are sick you will need a lot and the Lypospheric is like IVC

      very powerful goes right into your cells and bypasses digestion so absorb all of it.

  • Xmen442002

    I thought Vitamin C in high doses was toxic to the body?

    • Bruce Stewart

      It can cause loose stools but you just back off at that point. That’s not really toxic. Where did you get your information? It would be good to trace that back to it’s source.

    • David_R59

      There is no known toxic dose of vit.C other than loose stool.

  • zimi

    When I get an infection or a virus, I give myself 40,000 units of Vitamin A from fish oils and 10,000 units of Vitamin D with about 20,000 mgs of Vitamin C …per day. It doesn’t matter where the infection is …lungs, bladder, eye, ear, etc.
    I continue this for about 5 – 7 days and then I take half of those doses for another 2 weeks to make sure the infection/virus is gone. I probably wouldn’t have to do this if I took Vit A 10,000 plus Vit D 5000 plus Vitamin C 3000mg every day.

  • Rayvyn

    I usually take generic Emergen-C, 1,000 mg of Vitamin C all day, nothing but that. Next day, I feel like I was never sick.

  • Bonnie

    Better watch your back. If the “powers that be” hear this, they’re likely to come after you, and you may end up face down in a river (as has happened to over 50 alternative medicine people in recent years!).

  • Brenda Daines

    My Vitamin C has Bioflavinoids and Wild Rose Hips in it. Is it okay to use this one when taking it every 6 minutes?