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Thyroid function threatened by bottled water containing lithium


(NaturalHealth365) Your total body weight is made up of nearly 60 percent water. Therefore, it’s important to hydrate yourself as water has many benefits for your body. In fact, pure water is an invaluable source for treating thyroid symptoms as it regulates body temperature, relieves dry skin, eliminates fatigue, boosts cognitive function, loosens hard stools, and aids in weight loss. ... Read More »

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Vitamin C deficiency wreaks havoc on thyroid function


(NaturalHealth365) With an estimated 30 million Americans having some form of thyroid disease, solutions are necessary as impaired thyroid function can lead to other chronic diseases if not treated. Because the thyroid is a hormone-producing gland that regulates the body’s metabolism, it also affects critical body functions. Keep in mind, the rate at which your body produces energy from oxygen ... Read More »

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Eliminate thyroid dysfunction naturally without toxic drugs or risky surgical procedures

thyroid check up

(NaturalHealth365) Millions of people are suffering with thyroid disorders and have no idea they have a problem. Stop and think. If you’re living with ‘unexplained’ weight gain, hair loss, chronic fatigue, poor concentration or memory loss; then you probably have a serious problem with thyroid function. Your doctor can’t help you. Most conventionally-trained physicians have no idea how to treat ... Read More »

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Foods that Support Thyroid Function


(NaturalHealth365) Foods that keep you alive and well will contribute to keeping your thyroid functioning. The thyroid like all your organs and glands needs specific vitamins and minerals to carry out its role. The thyroid gland is found just under the Adam’s apple. It produces the hormone thyroxin. The thyroid hormone is converted outside of the thyroid gland where it ... Read More »

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