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How to fight the flu effectively with elderberry


(NaturalHealth365)  Elderberry syrup could be one of the worst nightmares of the vaccine industry.  Why?  Because when flu season hits – every winter – big pharma wants us to believe that their vaccinations are the ‘only way’ to protect us from harm. Yet, you and I know that’s not true. In fact, nature has provided us with an excellent solution: ... Read More »

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Powerful antioxidant helps us burn fat, lose weight and avoid premature aging


(NaturalHealth365) A stunning two out of three American adults are overweight or obese, putting them at risk for premature aging and life-threatening conditions like, diabetes and heart disease.  But, what if an antioxidant could protect you from harm?  Would you be interested? We, at NaturalHealth365, often warn our readers about the dangers of poor lifestyle decisions.  But, what gets us ... Read More »

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Stop cancer cell growth in its tracks with NAC, according to exciting research


(NaturalHealth365) We all want to prevent cancer cell growth.  But, as you’ll soon see, Western medicine has failed to successfully address this issue. Risky surgical procedures and toxic ‘treatments’ like chemotherapy never address the underlying cause of cancer cell growth.  Fortunately, there is a growing interest in substances like NAC (details below) and other nutritional/lifestyle strategies that enhance immune function. ... Read More »

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Exploring the fatty acids that REDUCE your risk of premature death


(Naturalhealth365) Fatty acids can sound like a ‘bad thing’ – especially to those taught that fat causes heart disease.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  How can I say that?! (Hint: research) We know that the sugar industry is behind the false perception that fat is ‘evil.’  In fact, studies reveal that processed (simple) sugars cause more ... Read More »

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The risk of a common cold or flu DROPS with the use of probiotics


(Naturalhealth365) In a common misconception, many people think of a common cold or flu as nothing more than a ‘nuisance.’  An annoying cough-fest with body aches and chills.  In other words, nothing too serious, right? Well, not really.  But, that’s not to say we should live in fear of these infections either.  The reality is – for immune-compromised people – ... Read More »

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CoQ10 can help to stop nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, study reveals


(NaturalHealth365) CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that the body produces naturally.  The problem is that modern (stressful) lifestyles deplete this vital substance and the consequences are not good – especially as it relates to fatty liver disease. But, let’s be clear: there’s plenty of research to suggest that CoQ10 is vital to those looking to prevent heart problems, cancer and, ... Read More »

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NEW study reveals how MORE turmeric will improve gut health


(NaturalHealth365) Let’s be clear about one thing: gut health matters, in more ways than we can often imagine. Obviously, a healthy digestive system is important – in order to digest food properly and to absorb nutrients efficiently.  But, you also want things running smoothly since gut health is closely tied to the strength of our immune system. In other words, a ... Read More »

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Irritable bowel syndrome RELIEF: 6 ways glutamine can help, according to a new study


(NaturalHealth365) If you’re one of the estimated 45 million Americans living with irritable bowel syndrome – also called IBS – then you understand how upsetting this common condition can be.  Constipation and diarrhea are probably constant companions of yours, as well as issues like bloating, a sense of bowel urgency, and abdominal pain – often worse right after eating.  But, have you heard ... Read More »

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Lower the risk of premature death from cancer and heart disease by taking HIGHER levels of vitamin C


(NaturalHealth365) I believe that heart disease kills more people due to ignorance over any other reason.  I mean, the fact remains that (even if it’s hard to believe) the vast majority of the population has no real idea how nutrition can change the course of their life. I believe that every person with cancer or heart disease ought to receive ... Read More »

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Why magnesium is essential to avoid heart problems


(NaturalHealth365) Did you know that an astonishing 48 percent of Americans do not meet their daily recommended intake of magnesium? Keep in mind, this health warning comes directly from Western medicine.  A magnesium deficiency is linked to all kinds of serious health conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer and even sudden cardiac death – to name ... Read More »

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Common vitamins linked to a lower risk of pancreatic cancer


(NaturalHealth365) While cancer is expected to affect nearly 40 percent of Americans – at some point in their lives, there is still good news on the natural health front.  A new meta-analysis has found that taking vitamins can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer by as much as 27 percent. Pancreatic cancer accounts for about seven percent of all cancer ... Read More »

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The ultimate stress buster: L-theanine


(NaturalHealth365) Honestly, who would have thought that stress can cause heart damage equivalent to smoking five cigarettes? This is according to a study conducted by Columbia University Medical Center and published in the American Journal of Cardiology.  It’s our hope, here at NaturalHealth365, that this research acts like a wake-up call for all of us. So, to state the obvious, ... Read More »

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