Vitamin PQQ Protects Your Health

(NaturalHealth365) What really makes this vitamin so important is the fact that you probably never heard of it. This is why it may be the ultimate teacher. For decades science thought they can isolate vitamins and minerals and shove them into pills, and capsules. Even worse the synthetic versions are incorporated into our faux food supply and are seen as a low cost way to add some nutritional value.

The enormous amounts of time and energy, which go into extracting plant nutrients and then duplicating their properties is unfortunately the wrong path. There are unknown nutrients that have biologically active compounds that work synergistic with the identified polyphenols, antioxidants, and vitamins and are essential to cellular function.


PPQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) tells us that there are countless components in whole food that haven’t been discovered yet. PQQ is a nutrient that was discovered in the later part of 1970’s and is just beginning to be understood.

PQQ promotes mitochondrial health, and is an essential nutrient, which means your body can’t produce it. Research shows that that PQQ supports heart cell function and promotes good blood flow in the heart muscle. Also, it has been found to have antioxidant and neuroprotective properties. It is thought to work as an enzyme cofactor similar to vitamin B3 (niacin) and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and is water-soluble like the B vitamins.

PQQ is an antioxidant powerhouse; the fact is PQQ is considered one of the super antioxidants is because of its extraordinary molecular stability. This means it facilitates more biochemical reactions in the mitochondria without breaking down like most other antioxidants. It is 175 times more efficient than epicatechin, the antioxidant found in chocolate, 200 times more efficient than quercetin, the antioxidant found in green tea, and fruits and vegetables, and 5,000 times more efficient than vitamin C.

Heart Health Plus

PQQ supports the mitochondria, which in turn supplies the power your body requires. Energy-intense organs such as the heart and brains are mitochondria rich, and benefit from this supplement. There is some research that shows this vitamin reduces oxidative damage after a heart attack and improves overall cardiac function. When PQQ is used alone or in combination with CoQ10 it has been shown to promote memory, attention and cognition in the elderly.

According to some research the best way to slow aging is to increase the number of mitochondria by utilizing calorie restriction with physical activity. Mitochondrial breakdown is a hallmark of aging. PQQ activates genes that promote the formation of new mitochondria and interacts in a beneficial way with genes involved in mitochondrial functions. This may help those that find it difficult to implement a low calorie diet.

Best Food Sources of PQQ

The best sources are parsley, green peppers, spinach, papaya, carrot, and cabbage. There are a number of foods that are high in PQQ that are found in the Japanese diet such as natto, green tea, tofu, miso, and soybeans. Since these are gaining popularity, they now can be found in many supermarkets, and health food stores.

Since PQQ may be vital to our durability and longevity we should eat a wide variety of whole foods. It has a presence in plants and fermented (bacterially derived) products. Since it relatively new on the scene we are still evaluating its powers, and finding that there are many green foods that have small amounts of it.

The thing to remember: PQQ teaches us that there are many undiscovered vitamins and minerals that are available in whole foods. As long as we base our diet on the extensive range of plant food we will be getting sufficient nutrients to counter the effects of aging, and contribute to our longevity.

About the author Blanche has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in Natural Healing including Naturopaths, Scientist, and Energy Healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.

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