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New miracle compound from outer space improves memory and lowers LDL cholesterol levels


(NaturalHealth365) Scientists have discovered a compound – found in interstellar dust – that also acts to generate the spark of life in every living cell in our body with nearly unlimited potential to improve human health. This compound, PQQ (short for pyrroloquinoline quinone) acts as a necessary active factor in the functioning of mitochondria, the energy producing compartments within living ... Read More »

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Vitamin PQQ Protects Your Health


(NaturalHealth365) What really makes this vitamin so important is the fact that you probably never heard of it. This is why it may be the ultimate teacher. For decades science thought they can isolate vitamins and minerals and shove them into pills, and capsules. Even worse the synthetic versions are incorporated into our faux food supply and are seen as ... Read More »

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