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Nutrition news alert about the orange juice scam


(NaturalHealth365) You’ll never get this nutrition news in the lame-stream media. Store bought “fresh” squeezed orange juice is not really fresh. Unfortunate, but true, most people buying commercially-produced fruit juices have been deceived by clever marketing campaigns. So, if you trust, the most famous brands such as, Tropicana, Minute Maid, or Florida’s Natural – think again. Watch out for orange ... Read More »

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Herbal medicine news: Pau d’arco neutralizes a wide variety of infections


(NaturalHealth365) Have you heard of the benefits of pau d’arco? It could just be one of the most powerful types of herbal medicine. Tinctures made from pau d’arco tree bark can help to treat a range of health conditions from minor to severe. These include colds, flu, cough, fever, anemia, colitis, rheumatism, boils and malaria. This herbal medicine also offers ... Read More »

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Vaccine news and infectious disease solutions


(NaturalHealth365) Concerns over the safety of our current vaccine schedule appear to be growing every day, as well-educated health experts highlight the fact that vaccines contain toxins like, mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.  And, especially for our children, these toxins can easily overwhelm the body and cause irreversible harm. One disturbing example is the FLUAD influenza vaccine, recently released by Novartis, ... Read More »

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Great health news: ‘Superbugs’ get destroyed with powerful vitamins


(NaturalHealth365) The advent of superbugs – bacteria that have mutated to become resistant to modern drugs – could create an “antibiotic apocalypse” in which a minor cut becomes life-threatening and patients risk dying from infections after routine surgery. The World Health Organization calls superbugs an increasingly serious threat to global public health, while a report commissioned by the United Kingdom ... Read More »

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Coconut oil news: Not all saturated fats are created equal


(NaturalHealth365) There has been a lot of confusion and contradictory research on the impact of saturated fats on your health.  In addition, over the past 50 years, a majority of healthcare professionals have told us that saturated fats, like coconut oil, are ‘bad for us.’ But, in studies on certain Pacific Island populations, there is practically no evidence of cardiovascular ... Read More »

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Woman cured of terminal vascular dementia with plant-based nutritional protocol


(NaturalHealth365) Given a diagnosis of only two weeks to live, Rick Panson’s mother went home to live out her few remaining days among familiar surroundings, with her loving family by her side. Having survived two previous strokes, she had suffered another ischemic event, and was suffering terminal vascular dementia and paralysis from the neck down. Panson brought his mother home ... Read More »

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Dr. Daniel Amen reveals the alarming truth about brain health and nutrition at Natural Medicine Summit


(NaturalHealth365) The brain is a miraculous organ with tremendous capacity for healing, but sitting idly by without taking control of your health will put your brain – and your life – in grave danger.  That truth for Dr. Daniel Amen is at the foundation of his work to improve patient lives by improving the health of their brains. You can ... Read More »

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Gut infections cause malnutrition and vaccine failure


(NaturalHealth365) When it comes to children, parents only wish for them to be healthy and happy. We also wish the same for ourselves as adults. Unfortunately, that desire has driven many uneducated people to follow ineffective immunization recommendations by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – with the hope that a vaccine will provide some kind ... Read More »

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Annual report reveals: No deaths from any nutritional supplements

nutritional supplements

(NaturalHealth365) The warnings of dire consequences seem to be everywhere. Whether on the back of nutritional supplement packages or in the disapproving look of your own family physician, the implication is always there: nutritional supplements can ruin your health, even cause your death. Fortunately, all those red flags are unnecessary. For all the hand-wringing, predictions of catastrophe and strong-worded reservations, ... Read More »

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Learn about safe detoxification techniques on the next NaturalNews Talk Hour with Jonathan Landsman


(NaturalHealth365) With over 80,000 chemicals in our environment, it’s no wonder we find toxic chemicals everywhere – including over 200 poisons found inside the body of newborn children, confirmed by an Environmental Working Group study. These harmful substances, like bisphenol A (found in plastics), lead and mercury, are known to cause birth defects, neurological disorders and cancer. Toxins cause serious ... Read More »

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Research shows direct link between poor nutrition and behavioral disorders


(NaturalHealth365) Numerous studies have shown that behavioral disorders and aggressive behavior are directly linked with poor nutrition. While junk food seems to foster behavioral issues in both children and adults, good nutrition consistently leads to a more balanced mood and increased overall wellbeing. For example, ‘something radical’ happened to students at Appleton Central High School in Wisconsin, when they made ... Read More »

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