Natural anxiety relief: Scientific study reveals how ashwagandha root can help

Natural anxiety relief: Scientific study reveals how ashwagandha root can help
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(NaturalHealth365) Ashwagandha root holds a prominent place in Ayurvedic medicine and has slowly been gaining support from conventionally-trained healthcare providers as research continues to support its successful use for herbal healing.  For example, a clinical trial studied 64 human subjects, giving half of them a placebo and half of the participants received 300 milligrams of full-spectrum ashwagandha root extract – twice daily – for 60 days, and the findings were impressive.

When compared to the placebo group, the recipients of high concentration ashwagandha root extract exhibited substantial reductions in stress-sourced cortisol levels, and they demonstrated significant score reductions on the full set of stress assessment scales upon the study’s completion.

This study further propels holistic medicine’s reach into the mainstream by confirming that ashwagandha root extract boosts resistance to stressors and can be safely utilized as an adaptogen for adults suffering from chronic stress issues.

Discover natural anxiety relief with the help of adaptogenic herbs

When it comes to natural anxiety relief, ashwagandha is hands down one of the most prolific adaptogenic herbs – which science supports as being effective for combating stress, supporting the adrenal system and balancing hormones.

Adaptogens literally ‘adapt’ to your body’s needs and help your system regulate between ups and downs as needed naturally. This ancient herb essentially works by multifarious methods to affect the central nervous system in adaptive ways, which is why is can work as an energy booster in addition to serving as an exceptional herbal sleep aid.

A recent trial also supports previous medical research concerning the group of alkaloids known as withanolides and their relaxant properties.  Ashwagandha is rich with alkaloids including sioinidosides, which also act as mild sedatives that are effective for natural anxiety relief.

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Compared to the potential side effects of prescription drugs commonly dispensed for anxiety, the near-zero negative consequences of ashwagandha are appealing to health conscious people.  Naturally, you might be wondering what else this gem can do, so let’s explore other uses and popular consumption methods.

Not feeling anxious?  There are still incredible ‘side effects’ of taking ashwagandha

A few side effects of reduced cortisol levels include cognitive improvements, greater immune functions, weight loss, lower cholesterol and greater bone density.  Moving on to stress reduction, less anxiety tends to improve one’s quality of life and in turn eases depression.

Ashwagandha’s various natural compounds have also been shown in studies to boost libido while reducing inflammation and blood sugar levels.  Best of all, reaping these amazing health benefits is so easy to achieve.

There are many forms and methods of consuming this herb, and most studies have utilized 300 mg doses – once or twice daily.  Just be sure to buy products from reputable sources and buy ashwagandha in the highest concentrated form possible for greater efficacy.

There are capsule forms, tea recipes, and tinctures available at your local health food store or through online retailers.  Just remember, if you’re suffering with serious (stress-related) health issues – always work with a qualified healthcare provider, to help guide you in the right direction.

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