Why the Berkey Water Filter is a wise investment in your health

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berkey-water-filter(NaturalHealth365) With a new water crisis popping up in the news practically every week, there isn’t much explanation needed for this one. Be warned: the toxins in our water supply pose a very real threat to human health – which is why I think owning a Berkey Water Filter system is a wise investment.

Best of all, this water purification system does NOT depend on electricity to do its job.

From lead, and PFCs to toxic chromium 6, there has been so much media coverage – this year alone – on the gross negligence of our water treatment facilities within the United States. Bottom line, if you’re looking to avoid or overcome any health crisis – securing access to clean drinking water is a must!

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More than 200 million Americans are exposed to unsafe levels of heavy metal contaminants, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals

Let’s face it: Tap water is filled with unwanted toxic such as, endocrine disruptors, mood-altering medications, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical agents – which get flushed down the toilet and reintroduced into the water supply.

With all of these concerns, it has become a critical health issue – what is the quality of the water you drink? Of course, I’ve written extensively about the value of drinking (pure) spring water – but, not everyone has access to this kind of water.

The Berkey Water Filter system offers clean water (for pennies per gallon) compated to expensive brands of bottled water.  In addition, several brands of bottled water fail to provide clean drinking water – because their filtration systems are not that great.

Berkey Water Filters remove 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, micro-organisms, pharmaceuticals, and trihalomethanes among other contaminants.

What makes the Berkey Water Filter so special?

The Berkey Black Filter Elements are so powerful, that they are classified as a purifier. Many water filters on the market may claim to be a purifier but do not meet the performance requirements for this classification.

In order to be classified as a water purifier, a water treatment device must remove at least 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria (known as a log 6 reduction in the water treatment industry) and reduce viruses by 99.99% (log 4 reduction).

Berkey Purifiers far surpass this standard and actually remove 99.9999999% known as a log 9 reduction, when dealing with pathogenic bacteria. This distinction is what makes Berkey so special plus, it’s the only certifiable gravity fed water purification system.

The health benefits of using a Berkey Water Filter

• Conveniently protect your loved ones from toxic chemical exposures such as chromium 6, lead, Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs), and pharmaceuticals from your tap water.

• Peace of mind – in the event of an emergency like, loss of electricity, that you will have access to clean drinking water.

• Having purified water in your home does not mean having to install a costly, in-line system.

• Having plenty of clean water readily available to help curb your appetite, detoxify the body and lose excess body weight.

What else does the Berkey Water Filter have to offer?

In-line water purification systems can be extremely costly. The Berkey Filter System is a free-standing counter top unit, making it completely portable and affordable. The filters within them last 3-5 years on average, meaning the cost is literally pennies per gallon.

In addition, the portable Berkey units are perfect for travel, or vacationing. Even for camping these filters are ideal to take along. They are powerful enough to filter lake water, and even water from a stagnant pond.

Living a healthy lifestyle, and making better choices for you and your family should not start and stop with the food that you eat. Choosing to drink only clean, purified water will bring you one step closer to meeting your health and fitness goals by avoiding exposure to unwanted toxins.

Click here to learn more about Berkey Water Filters.*

*Note: Your purchase of a Berkey Water Filter does help to support our operations here, at NaturalHealth365, with no extra cost to you.

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  • Rosaline Brook

    I have one and it is the best investment I ever made. The water taste so clean and good. My friends have commented on how good the water is. Best of all I know it is safe for my family to drink.

  • Janet F

    I have thought about getting a filter and realized none do the whole job. This one looks like what I have been looking for. What is important is the water I make soups with and smoothies add not subtract from the health benefits.

  • Danny Stein

    All the reviews I have read for this filter have been positive. There aren’t any filter than has more positive feedback then the Berkley.

  • Ellen Roth

    Water isn’t going to be something we can take for granted. The supply is drying up and we will getting more and more recycled water. This is a situation that is not going to improve. Much of the water is going through old pipes, which adds more toxic material into our water. We have to protect what we drink and if the Berkey Water Filter does that it is worth every penny spent on it.

  • Amber Jenkins

    My tap water has a strange odor and it is very unpleasant. Yet, I am being told it is safe to drink. There is indeed a plumbing problem or the water has sewage in it. This is what it smells like and there is no one who seems to have an interest in trying to find the issue.

  • Bruce G

    It is uncommon to get pure delicious water. Since water has become an industry everything has changed. We are now dealing with federal and state regulators who have no interest or recollection on what pure water means.

  • Clyde Phifer

    We now have hybrid water. This means it isn’t pure water, which means we don’t know what we are drinking.

  • Vicky

    I can not stand the taste of our city water. It’s horrible. Tastes flat and often has a strong chlorine taste. I drink bottled water. Probably not much better but still better. Our local water also contains fluoride. My former orthodontist was responsible for that since he was on a committee to supposedly ensure the dental health of children. What a crock. All they care about is money and claiming that fluoride helps prevent cavities only means that cavities won’t progress as quickly to a stage of having to have a tooth extracted, so that means more amalgamated fillings and more money in the pockets of dentists. Not to mention that fluoride is bad for bones and can contribute to osteoarthritis, kidney problems and even cancer. I wish they would at least remove the fluoride from our water, but I doubt that will happen.