6 ways to defuse your ‘cancer time bomb’

6 ways to defuse your ‘cancer time bomb’
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(NaturalHealth365) Forty-seven years ago a “war on cancer” was pronounced by President Nixon. Since that declaration, the United States government alone has spent well over $100 billion on cancer research in the hopes of removing the threat of this ticking ‘time bomb.’  But, instead, countless lives have been lost as a result of toxic therapies and “experimental drugs” offering false hope.

According to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer statistics are indicative of a future “human disaster.”  In fact, cancer cases are expected to surge 57% worldwide in the next 20 years.

So how do we STOP this madness?

Christopher Wild, director of the International Agency for Research on Cancer clearly understands the solution to the cancer epidemic. “We cannot treat our way out of the cancer problem. More commitment to prevention and early detection is desperately needed in order to complement improved treatments and address the alarming rise in cancer burden globally.”

One out of 3 women and one out of 2 men are destined to develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. So, how do we solve the problem?

The answer lies with prevention through education and early detection. Scientists now recognize that we have enormously control over our health through the use of specific nutrients that can actually turn our “good genes on” and turn our “bad genes off.”

6 ways that nature can help us diffuse our ‘cancer time bomb’

1. Decrease cancer-promoting inflammation: Cox -2 is an enzyme that is responsible for increasing inflammation and promoting cancer. Choosing anti-inflammatory foods and supplements may have a big impact in reducing inflammation in your body. A few example are curcumin, clean fish oils and an extract of cruciferous vegetables called DIM I3C.

2. Prevent DNA damage: Most cancers, including breast cancer, begin with some sort of functional or structural DNA damage which can trigger a cell to become cancerous. Sometimes a tumor-suppressor gene becomes silenced or a tumor-promoter gene gets turned on. These nutrients have proven anti-breast cancer effects.

A)  Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts
B)  The trace mineral selenium
C)  Genistein from fermented (organic, non-GMO) soy
D)  Curcumin
E)  EGCG found in green tea

3. Block abnormal estrogen production: Toxic aromatase inhibitors block the body’s production of estrogen and have serious side effects. If you are concerned with estrogen overload, nature has provided us with natural estrogen regulators that have a protective effect.

In addition, lignans from flax seeds bind excess aggressive estrogens and expels them from the body.  Melatonin is a cytotoxic hormone that literally puts breast cancer cells to sleep. Pomegranate derived compounds exhibit anti-proliferative and anti-aromatase activity in breast cancer cells.

4. Trigger cancer cell death: Our normal healthy cells eventually go through a process called ‘apoptosis’ or cell death. Cancer cells turn a deaf ear to the signals that promote cell death. Thus they keep replicating. Nutrients like curcumin and DIM I3C – from cruciferous vegetables – cause breast cancer cells to self-destruct.

5. Stop the growth of blood vessels that feed tumors: Once tumors begin to develop, they create their own blood supply to feed the tumor. This process is called angio-genesis. There are many nutrients that can be found in a healthy diet that block this process and cause the cancer cells to “starve”. EGCG from green tea, curcumin and omega-3 fatty acids from fish and flax are a few examples.

6. Prevent metastasis or spreading of breast cancer: Breast cancer is often associated with metastasis or spread to other organs such as the lungs, liver and brain. Specific nutrients can actually impair the tumor’s ability to spread by blocking the enzymes that cause the “seeding” of the cancer. Here are a few examples:

A. Sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables and Broccoli sprouts
B. Curcumin
C. Green tea polyphenols
D. Melatonin

The foods and supplements that are mentioned here are simply the tip of the iceberg. Organic, fresh food, herbs and spices contain a plethora of anticancer properties. Although Hippocrates had no scientific “proof” that food could heal the body, he innately knew that food was a prescription for health when he stated, “Let food be your medicine.”

You CAN defuse your cancer time bomb by being proactive and by making conscious, informed decisions about your health.

About the author: Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, better known as “Dr. V”, is the founder of The 7 Essentials System ™, a step-by-step guide that teaches you exactly how to prevent and heal Breast Cancer Naturally. To get your F.R.E.E. 7 day mini e-course, and to receive her weekly action steps and inspiring articles on the power of natural medicine – visit: BreastCancerConqueror.com.

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