Insights from NEW study suggest kombucha positively impacts blood sugar levels

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blood-sugar-levels-supported(NaturalHealth365)  The popular fizzy, fermented, and flavorful kombucha is becoming a nationwide sensation.  Whether you live in or around a bustling urban area, local stores likely have shelves filled with kombucha.  Yet, many are unaware that this beverage offers more than just refreshment on a scorching summer day.

A recent study’s findings reveal that kombucha holds potential advantages for managing blood sugar levels, a discovery of particular significance for individuals grappling with diabetes.

Research suggests kombucha offers SURPRISING benefits to people with diabetes

The study mentioned above was classified as a randomized controlled pilot investigation.  It aimed to assess the potential effectiveness of kombucha as a substance that helps regulate high blood sugar in adults living with type II diabetes mellitus.

The researchers leading this study concluded that kombucha tea indeed demonstrates properties that aid in managing elevated blood sugar levels, offering specific benefits to individuals with diabetes.  These findings build upon previous research that indicated kombucha’s capacity to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Hospital study reveals kombucha’s impact on blood sugar and more

The study, a double-blind crossover, was conducted in a hospital setting.  The study participants were given kombucha tea or a placebo control over four weeks.  A two-month washout period occurred thereafter, setting the stage for each group to drink the alternative.

The scientists measured blood glucose levels after the first week and fourth week of the study.  The researchers also gauged secondary outcomes ranging from mental health to the health of the skin, insulin requirements, and even gut health.  The measuring of these secondary outcomes might not be completely accurate as they were gauged by a questionnaire.

The study results show that the group that consumed kombucha reduced its average fasting blood glucose levels at the 4-week mark when juxtaposed with the baseline.  Moreover, the placebo group did not lower its average fasting blood glucose levels.

Though the study’s participant size was small, the results show kombucha is linked to a decrease in blood glucose levels in those suffering from diabetes.

Incorporating kombucha into your diet: Easy ways and homemade option

Finding kombucha to enhance your daily routine is a breeze, with most grocery stores offering it.  However, for those in smaller towns, availability might vary.  Fortunately, outlets like Whole Foods, Walmart, and Meijer stock individual kombucha bottles, and you may even come across them at select gas stations.  Opting for organic kombucha when choosing between options is wise, as its all-natural ingredients provide a boost without exposure to unwanted chemicals.

Venturing into homebrewing your kombucha is more straightforward than you might imagine, requiring neither extravagant ingredients nor specialized equipment.  It all starts by crafting the “mother” of kombucha, the scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), over one to four weeks, involving a mix of unflavored organic tea bags, organic sugar, and water.

Next, the first fermentation lasts about a week to 10 days, involving more tea bags, sugar, and water.

Finally, the carbonation phase, known as the second fermentation, spans three to 10 days.  Before carbonation, infuse your kombucha with flavors like lemon, ginger, orange, apple, cinnamon, or vanilla.  This delightful homemade kombucha emerges after the second fermentation, ready to be savored.

Keep in mind, this article merely features one of many ways to defeat diabetes naturally.  A wholesome diet focused on organic foods, regular exercise and the elimination of heavily processed “junk” foods will greatly improve your blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes.

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