NEW study links mRNA COVID shots to autoimmune diseases

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autoimmune-diseases-triggered(NaturalHealth365)  The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) reports between 24 and 50 million residents of the United States are saddled by an autoimmune disease.  This means that slightly more than 15% of the country’s population has an autoimmune disease.  The uncomfortable truth is that the prevalence of autoimmune diseases constitutes an epidemic that the mainstream media curiously neglects.

Most analyses of COVID cases have included molecular characterization methods, yet studies focused on injection-related autoimmune responses were not conducted until the second half of 2022.  A recent study has tied Big Pharma’s mRNA COVID-19 injections to the onset of autoimmune diseases.

Do mRNA COVID shots increase risk of autoimmune disease development?

It is widely known that Big Pharma jabs have been linked to health problems.  However, most people are unaware that the most commonly reported injections tied to the onset of autoimmune diseases were none other than the hepatitis B shot, the Rubella shot, and those for Mumps and Measles.  A recent study from Saudi Arabia reveals similar undesired consequences have been linked to the mRNA COVID shots.

The pressing question is whether the injection’s molecular mimicry, which serves as the mechanism through which the virus catalyzes the autoimmune process, might contribute to the onset of autoimmune diseases.  The onset of autoimmune diseases post-jab is likely the result of a cross-reaction stemming from insufficient tolerogenic effects.  Immune tolerance is predicated on exposure to antigens for the expansion of both B and T cells.  It appears as though Big Pharma’s latest concoctions have compromised the body’s natural processes, as detailed below.

COVID shot triggers severe autoimmune disorders within days after receiving injection

The study referenced above was conducted at a center for scientific analysis in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern province.  The patients involved in the study were evaluated between the spring of 2021 and the winter of 2022.  Each patient was age 14 or older and evaluated between two and 28 days after receiving a COVID injection.

Of the nearly three dozen cases of autoimmune diseases caused by the injection, nearly 60% were women.  Furthermore, it is also important to note that less than 15% of those diagnosed with an autoimmune disease after injection were plagued by an autoimmune background prior to the clot shot.

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The study reveals the average length of time between the point of injection and the onset of autoimmune disease symptoms was a mere week.  An in-depth review of the cases reveals about one-quarter suffered a new onset of vasculitis – a group of disorders that destroy blood vessels by inflammation – while two cases were characterized by IgA vasculitis.  Another five cases were identified with ANCA vasculitis – often resulting in vascular damage in the kidneys and lungs.  Half a dozen cases included neurological diseases.

Four cases were characterized as newly-onset lupus erythematosus – an autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue.  One participant suffered from Sjogren’s syndrome – a disorder affecting the glands that make moisture in the eyes, mouth, and other parts of the body. Finally, three patients were diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis that was not present prior to a Big Pharma injection.

In summary, the study detailed above indicates autoimmune diseases have a legitimate tie to the coronavirus injection.  Though the shot is not guaranteed to be the catalyst for an autoimmune disorder such as multiple sclerosis, it is undoubtedly a contributing factor.  The bottom line is Big Pharma jabs exacerbate and, in some cases, directly cause autoimmune disorders.

A price too high to pay

Let’s remember, people were scared into taking one or more of these gene-altering shots for a disease with a 99.9x percent survival rate.  Although not everyone will succumb to autoimmune disorders as a result of the injections, many will.

The best way to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of Big Pharma concoctions is by saying no to them.  As a healthy alternative, always look for ways to enhance immune system function – naturally – with an organic diet and healthy lifestyle decisions.  The rewards of healthy living are priceless.

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