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Monsanto undercover funding has led the attack on organic foods


(NaturalHealth365) In April of 2014, Academics Review released its organic marketing report – and proceeded to blast the organic foods industry. The report, which received extensive coverage by the mainstream media, accused the industry of creating false and misleading perceptions and indulging in intentionally deceptive marketing. (Wait, until you see what Monsanto is doing – keep reading) The report was ... Read More »

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Monsanto unleashes new GMO crops that requires use of toxic, unapproved herbicide


(NaturalHealth365) Among the many grave concerns about GMO crops from seeds manufactured by companies like Monsanto is that they are causing the development of “superweeds.”  This farming disaster is largely due to the overuse of the weed killer glyphosate, which is the man-made ingredient of the popular Monsanto product Roundup. These weed killers are specially formulated to pair with genetically ... Read More »

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Bt corn threatens aquatic ecosystem in the heartland


(NaturalHealth365) An environmental professor at Indiana University says that toxic pollen and other byproducts from GMO corn have made their way into Indiana waterways, where they are harming the aquatic ecosystem. Todd V. Royer, an assistant professor in the university’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, studied the effects of Bt corn pollen on caddisflies, a common inhabitant of local ... Read More »

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