5 Best Foods for Liver Health

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(NaturalHealth365) Is your liver sick?  Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is fast becoming a worldwide problem.  Millions of people suffer without ever being told that their chronic health problems are connected to a liver health issue.

For example, if you experience bloating; crave sweet or salty foods; have difficulty concentrating or struggle with itchy skin plus the wide range of autoimmune disorders … then your liver needs help.

Find out how to improve your liver health naturally

In this video – created exclusively for NaturalHealth365 readers, Dr. Jack Wolfson and I discuss the 5 best foods to cleanse your liver.  The best antioxidants and nutrients needed in your foods – to help with your liver flow and function and improve your overall health.

In addition, we talk about what foods to avoid that interfere with your liver health.  Plus, you’ll discover the many other health benefits – which include: better digestion and improved immune function.

Keep in mind, if you just add these 5 foods – talked about in this video (and don’t change anything else) – you’ll start to see great improvements.

We encourage you to become your own health expert.

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  • Maria Rudnick says:

    I love adding arugula to my salads.

  • kathy says:

    I use lecithin daily for my liver. Choline is very beneficial for fatty liver and aids in processing it more efficiently

  • Deb says:

    What wonderful info ! Thanks

  • Nancy says:

    I supplement with a milk thistle extract plus an organic dandelion root powder

  • Jeanne says:

    This information is so very helpful. I had my gallbladder removed two years ago so I am so grateful to learn of these specific 5. I LOVE parsley! Thank you so much.

    • Bette Stephens says:

      Thank YOU Both for your generous & helpful wisdom🤩
      I also sip hot or room temperature filtered water with a squeezed slice of lemon (preferably organic) for my liver’s wellbeing 😋

  • Anita Garatie says:

    Jonathan, thank you so much for presenting such informative videos. Dr Wolfson is amazing. wish he was my cardiologist. After seeing this I can’t wait to start eating these foods. I love avocados. thank you Dr Wolfson. AG

  • david says:

    Dr blaylock just wrote a book the liver cure that should be read by all. Sadly, you’ll know more than your allopathy md

  • Paul says:

    Note – Liver and sardines causes gout ?

  • Ella says:

    Are pickled beets just as good for liver health? I happen to love them pickled.

  • Dwight says:

    This should help your gallbladder as well? I’ve been having gallbladder attacks every few months.

  • Wayne Bachmann says:

    I’ve been eating dandelions with Ranch dressing. What a treat, and it makes the yard look better too!.

    We are getting ready to plant beets now. Great if not pickled, personal opinion. I used to snack on them when I worked in the cannery! Not expensive if one grows their own.

    Liver and onions are great! Been doing it since I was a a kid.

    Sardines are a great snack food.

    Avocados are also a great snack food.

  • Susan says:

    Five foods for Liver health was succinct, specific, and well received. Thank you!!! It was reassuring to hear about the benefits of eating liver too!

  • Charlotte says:

    Artichokes are supposed to be beneficial too.

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