Oil Pulling (Why and How)

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Dr. Stuart Nunnally and I discuss how the health of your mouth greatly affects the health of your entire body. For example, in this video, we talk about oil pulling – a technique that can be used to help overcome (reverse) gum disease and also improve your overall health, at the same time.

I’ve been sounding the alarm about poor oral health since 2015 with the creation of my first online event called the Holistic Oral Health Summit – which features over 30 top experts in biological dentistry and integrative health.

Poor oral health is directly linked to your chronic disease risk

In this video, Dr. Nunnally and I first talk about how bacteria in the mouth can travel to other parts of the body and contribute to many (chronic) health conditions. For example, your cardiovascular health is at risk if you have periodontal disease. In fact, many of the same bacteria – found inside the mouth – are located around the heart muscle.

Later in the video, we talk about chronic inflammation and how it’s related to poor oral health. And, then, we reveal exactly what oil pulling does and how to do it this technique properly.

Things discussed include:

  • What oil is best to use?
  • How much oil should you use?
  • And, can you overdo it?

For more information about Dr. Nunnally – visit: Healthsmilesforlife.com

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  • Maia says:

    I have not been in a position to afford any dentistry for a number of years now. Last year I was diagnosed with Trimeginal Neuralgia for which I have been prescribed a drug called Tegratol which is used to treat people with seizures. I discovered that I had a large hole in a tooth, top left after a visit to my dentist as someone offered to lend me money for treatment. On the top right of my mouth two molars simply fell out into my mouth as ‘whole teeth’. Several teeth which have ‘mercury and other metal’ as fillings are falling out bit by bit. I also have a ‘Maryland bridge’ whose bridge is constructed of various metais. I discovered that I have one tooth which has a cap upon it that was done over 20 years ago!

    My question is will ‘oil pulling’ help to reduce my tooth decay and pain?

    Will removal of all mercury based fillings and the ‘Maryland bridge’ be a wise thing to do for good health. If so why?

    I am booked to have a surgery to remove 7 teeth with large holes etc under general anesthetic.

    I am planning to remove all teeth with root canal fillings rather than have a toxic filling.

    What is the best method of replacing teeth e.g. 6 teeth missing in one area which is non-toxic

    Thank you.

  • Bonnie says:

    Is the waterpic or the hydro floss new generation one that you use and/or recommend?

    What is the name of dental organization I should look at for locating a dentist to remove my mercury fillings?

  • Andrew says:

    Do you recommend brushing your teeth before oil before pulling and with or without toothpaste?

    • Wanda says:

      I have been oil pulling for years with 1 tsp of organic extra virgin unfiltered coconut oil. I first use a Water Pik, then floss and then I add 2 drops of Tea Tree oil to the tsp of coconut oil, swish for 15 mins then rinse with peroxide about 10 secs. then brush my teeth with toothpaste. My mouth never felt better.

  • Delia Agustin says:

    My katest dental check uo last June 28 2021 reveal l have gum inflammation in one if my molar teeth that had a root canal. Tge dentiest guve antiviotic for 7 days. After 2 weeks of taking back again. Will oil pulling help to stop the inflammation? Or my friend told me to undergi cleaning the gum.

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