Oil Pulling (Why and How)

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Dr. Stuart Nunnally and I discuss how the health of your mouth greatly affects the health of your entire body. For example, in this video, we talk about oil pulling – a technique that can be used to help overcome (reverse) gum disease and also improve your overall health, at the same time.

I’ve been sounding the alarm about poor oral health since 2015 with the creation of my first online event called the Holistic Oral Health Summit – which features over 30 top experts in biological dentistry and integrative health.

Poor oral health is directly linked to your chronic disease risk

In this video, Dr. Nunnally and I first talk about how bacteria in the mouth can travel to other parts of the body and contribute to many (chronic) health conditions. For example, your cardiovascular health is at risk if you have periodontal disease. In fact, many of the same bacteria – found inside the mouth – are located around the heart muscle.

Later in the video, we talk about chronic inflammation and how it’s related to poor oral health. And, then, we reveal exactly what oil pulling does and how to do it this technique properly.

Things discussed include:

  • What oil is best to use?
  • How much oil should you use?
  • And, can you overdo it?

For more information about Dr. Nunnally – visit: Healthsmilesforlife.com

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