When antidepressants are failing you, it’s time to make this change

When antidepressants are failing you, it’s time to make this change
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(NaturalHealth365) Depression and other mental health imbalances are incredibly debilitating for suffers. Clinical or situational depression is normally treated with antidepressants, therapy, and sometimes some sleeping pills or other medication cocktails.  But what else can we do to reduce depression?

Studies have already proven that lifestyle choices, such as natural sunlight and exercise, help reduce depression. Now, there is new research that reveals another natural way to boost your mental health.

Antidepressants seem to work for some, and others feel no effect whatsoever.  Are science and pharmaceutical company’s looking into mental health holistically?  Or, finding a one-size-fits-all fix that’s still failing many.

With one in six suffering from a depressive episode at one point in their life, other avenues to revert to optimal mental health couldn’t be more urgent.

Study reveals the substances needed to reduce depression

A 2020 study published in the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry studies the response of cells within depressed humans’ reactions to different stimuli. One supplement, in particular, had a surprising reaction to major depressive disorder. When exposed to fish oil tablets, human cells created an antidepressant response.

Most antidepressants on the market block the serotonin absorption by neuron cells in your body so that more is readily available for the brain. Whereas fish oil was acting on glial cells, not the neurons – which maintain the homeostasis and protect the neurons.

This could be a key ingredient to why some people respond well to antidepressants and why they don’t work at all for others.

Why glia is integral to treating mental health

Mental health is a far-reaching subject that cannot be explained in one black and white answer. Glial cell support is proving to be a more suitable starting point for many. Jesse Brown, the Chief Scientific Officer of Pax Neuroscience, stated, “For many years, scientists have paid scant attention to glia – a type of brain cell that surrounds neurons – but there is increasing evidence that glia may play a role in depression. Our study suggests that glia may also be important for antidepressant action.”

It’s clear that pharmaceutical companies have been treating our most complex organ with a one-size-fits-all “cure.”  But there is much more that we need to learn in the realm of brain and mental health sciences.

This evidence reveals that we can help support our glial cells with fish oil to reduce depression. Other ways to support your glial cells are dark berries, high in antioxidants, such as blackberries or blueberries.

Discover more health benefits to fish oil

Glial cells thrive in fish oil or much of the Mediterranean diet. Fish oil is a good source of fat as they’re high in omega 3s, which are commonly under-consumed in western diet these days. Eating “good” mono- and polyunsaturated fats will also provide a wealth of benefits.

Improve your heart health by increasing your HDL (or good cholesterol), which in turn will lower your blood pressure. It may seem to lower your triglyceride or fats by eating more fat, but it’s proven to reduce it by 10-15%.

Fish oil has also been proven to reduce the symptoms of other mental disorders such as bipolar and schizophrenia. It’s also reduced attention and hyperactivity disorders in children and the onset of Alzheimer’s in the elderly.

And, finally, it helps to build healthy bones and skin. It’s well known than calcium and vitamin D are essential for healthy bones, but newer research reveals that fish oil plays a part in bone-building too. Fish oil has also been proven to help with skin health disorders like psoriasis and dermatitis.

No doubt, big pharma has been able to help many people out of a rough patch in their mental health journey.  But, there comes a time when you need to take your health into your own hands and avoid a dependency on these toxic drugs.

There are many incredible foods and lifestyle choices that you can make to reduce depression. Fish oil is just one of the many readily available choices that is now scientifically proven.  So, get started today on your road to feeling better – naturally.

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