Bayer pushes for liability shield amidst Roundup-related cancer lawsuits

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roundup-cancer-lawsuits(NaturalHealth365)  Monsanto introduced glyphosate products under the brand Roundup, which has become one of the world’s most widely used herbicides.  The extensive use of Roundup across global agricultural fields has led to millions of people being directly exposed to glyphosate, with many developing lymphoma as a result.  Concerns over a surge in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cases among field workers prompted investigations into the potential link between glyphosate exposure and cancer development.

Numerous regulatory bodies have found sufficient evidence to suggest that glyphosate is likely carcinogenic.  Since acquiring Monsanto in 2018, Bayer has faced billions of dollars in lawsuits.  As the largest agricultural company globally, Bayer is leveraging its financial resources to influence legislative outcomes in its favor.  If Bayer wins its legal battles, it will gain immunity from lawsuits stemming from the damage its products cause.

Let’s examine what they are objecting to, the basis of their argument, what they hope to achieve, and what it means for you and the entire world.

Glyphosate: The cancer-linked chemical lurking in your produce

Glyphosate’s widespread use stems from its effectiveness as an herbicide, temporarily boosting crop yields in treated fields.  However, it’s crucial to note that many herbicides lack the carcinogenic hazards associated with glyphosate.  Additionally, organic farming, which avoids the use of Roundup and similar chemicals, has demonstrated scalability and cost reduction.

Unfortunately, the risk extends beyond field workers directly exposed to glyphosate.  Residual glyphosate persists on most produce, with certain crops, like potatoes, posing significantly higher contamination risks by the time they reach consumers’ kitchens.

The legal battles surrounding Roundup’s damages have had a profound impact on Bayer, bringing heightened global awareness to the dangers of Roundup exposure.

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Why Bayer wants legal immunity from prosecution

In 1986, vaccine manufacturers secured extensive immunity from lawsuits due to concerns regarding the potential adverse reactions associated with their products.  This immunity essentially shields these manufacturers from legal liability in cases where individuals experience adverse effects or injuries resulting from vaccination.

If the above is not egregious enough, Bayer is now pursuing comparable immunity. While vaccine manufacturers obtained immunity under the pretense of public health, Bayer’s situation involves the production and distribution of glyphosate, which is linked to cancer development.

Nobody needs glyphosate sprayed on the food that we eat, and the company still produces it knowing the carcinogenic risks and the widespread distribution will lead to millions of more cancer diagnoses in the next few decades.  They are legally asking to be not held accountable for the billions of dollars of damages and countless lives lost because of their toxic product.

Not only does this have massive implications for the healthcare industry, but it also poses a massive agricultural threat because if Bayer cannot be sued for the damages of its product, its product will likely be used even more frequently.  Bayer will use a ruling like this to suppress science that explains the link between glyphosate and cancer and expand their business to dominate even more of the agricultural market than they already do.

The potential risk to millions of agricultural workers, not to mention agriculture in general, posed by allowing Bayer to have this level of immunity is catastrophic. It is further complicated by the fact that if Bayer succeeds, there is very little legal standing to stop other major corporations from seeking the same protections, ultimately nullifying the ability to keep these companies in check.

Stay informed and stay loud

The best thing you can do is stay informed about developments in this case and others like it.  Make your voice heard at every level of government; write to your state legislature, your governor, and anyone else you think might listen.  Make it clear that the American people do not want corporations shielded from the ramifications of their intentional or negligent actions.

Of course, another powerful way to stop the spread of this toxic substance is to support local (organic) farming.  Buy your organic produce at a local health food store or farmers market.  Plus, if you can, start growing your own organic food without the use of toxic chemicals.

If enough of us make our voices heard, we can create a future where poison isn’t sprayed onto our food and where those who make the poison pay for it in court.

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