Bombshell report reveals massive hypertension signal after COVID shot

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hypertension-signal-revealed(NaturalHealth365)  As the mainstream media continues to misrepresent the truth about the COVID shots, more evidence is pointing to the vax’s latent threats to human health.  A recent report shows there is a substantial signal for hypertension in the aftermath of the coronavirus shot.

Making this information drop all the more interesting is the underreporting of adverse health events to the VAERS health database designed to organize post-vax outcomes for analysis.

Dr. Naomi Wolf speaks truth to power

Many healthcare professionals and researchers worth their keep are emerging from the fringes of the industry, stepping into the mainstream to highlight the risks posed by coronavirus shots.  Dr. Naomi Wolf is one such courageous individual.  Wolf recently conducted an interview with Steve Bannon in which she touched on the hike in hypertension in the aftermath of the injections.

Wolf stated, “There are 272 hypertension crises mentioned in the Pfizer documents.  There are so many Americans suffering from hypertension that never had it before … only 10% of the total number of events are reported in the VAERS database.  So you could be looking at a million cases of hypertension.”

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Wolf made no secret of her vitriol for the pharmaceutical industry and federal and state governments that push the mRNA shots without informing the masses of the injections’ inherent risks.  Wolf’s rage partially stems from a loved one’s recent trip to the ER following a sequence of mRNA injections.  The doctor’s family member was quickly ushered to a local hospital after complaining of tightness in the chest.  The medical analysis discovered hypertension, a term used for high blood pressure.

Hypertension, also known as the “silent killer”, is a medical condition that increases risks for damage to the heart, internal organs, the brain, and more.  Elevated blood pressure causes the blood that moves against the walls of arteries to force the heart to work that much harder, ultimately sabotaging the organ.

VAERS is overloaded with vax-related complaints

VAERS, the system in place to report negative health outcomes resulting from coronavirus shots, is woefully inadequate.  The VAERS system has been inundated with reports from patients highlighting high blood pressure and other health problems shortly after the injections.  The number of reports entered into the system has surpassed capacity, making it quite clear that mRNA shots harm human health to an extent that the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge.

As pointed out by Wolf, Harvard medical department representatives estimate a mere 10% of all events are actually reported in VAERS.  If this estimation is accurate, there are millions of shot-induced hypertension cases that have gone unreported.

Is the CDC concealing the truth about the vax?

The heads of the CDC are actively discrediting VAERS data, insisting the use of the database’s information cannot be considered legitimate.  In short, the CDC refuses to admit the coronavirus vax contributes to or causes hypertension, other injuries, or death.

Furthermore, the CDC has gone as far as hanging the threat of punitive fines and even imprisonment over the heads of those who submit records to VAERS that might be considered even slightly inaccurate.

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