NEW VIDEO: What women are NOT being told about breast cancer

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breast-cancer(NaturalHealth365)  With breast cancer claiming the lives of more women than any other form of cancer (besides skin cancer), it is time to face reality: we are not heading in the right direction.  Despite advancements in medicine, conventional treatment modalities have produced dismal results.

According to estimates, by the end of 2021, over 300,000 women will have received the frightening diagnosis, turning their lives upside down, filling them with fear, disempowerment, and despair.  Upon diagnosis, women are rushed to begin treatment, pushed into chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, and offered no alternative to the Western medicine approach.  No one talks to them about how diet and lifestyle affect their survival.  No one touches on the impact of emotional health.  So is it a surprise why women have the image of “bold head and sick lifestyle” as they embark on their cancer journey?

But breast cancer does not need to be feared.  In this fascinating video (below), Jonathan Landsman of NaturalHealth365 interviews Dr. Véronique Desaulniers from, who has an uplifting message for all women concerned with breast cancer and those who are faced with the diagnosis.

Enjoy this powerful video message:

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Dr. Véronique Desaulniers: “You don’t have to fear breast cancer if you know what breast cancer is, and what it’s not”

Dr. V. is on a mission to help women overcome cancer.  She conquered breast cancer twice, without conventional cancer treatment, embracing her condition and tapping into natural medicine.  While undoubtedly, receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can feel overwhelming, we can remove the negative emotions of fear and hopelessness when we realize we all have a large measure of control over our health.

Discover the 7 steps to create vibrant health within the body

In the video, Dr. V. talks about the 7 Essentials System she put together to walk women through seven steps to help them create vibrant health naturally and restore their health.  She points out that to heal from the “dis-ease,” it is important to recognize that cancer is a symptom and not the cause.  To get better, one must find the root cause that allowed cancer to develop in the first place.

Let food be your medicine

One of the essentials of her 7 Essentials System is “Let food be your medicine,” which teaches us to focus on foods that turn on our protective genes, alkalize and balance our body and heal cancer naturally.

Eating organic plant foods free of conventional dairy, refined sugar, flour, and toxic oils is essential for healing.

Healing your emotional wounds

Working with women over the past ten years, Dr. V. has found, breast cancer almost always has an emotional component.  The importance of the disease’s emotional aspect cannot be overstated.  Toxic relationships, lack of self-love, guilt, and resentment can drastically hinder your ability to heal.

Embrace biological dentistry

Infected root canal treated teeth and “silver-based” dental fillings have been linked to causing disease in the body, including cancer.  The silver fillings, all of which contain high amounts of mercury, are particularly dangerous.  Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet, which has damaging effects on the immune system and your overall health.

Dr. V.’s message is simple and uplifting.  View cancer for what it is, a sign or symptom of some deeper, underlying issues, and begin addressing them one by one.

Visit an integrative doctor and hire a health coach to help you get started on your healing journey.  Whether it’s your diet, emotional or oral health that needs the most attention, focus on one or two areas at a time to improve your overall wellbeing and restore yourself back to perfect health.

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