Can you keep a secret? Here is a SURPRISING way to feel energized

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good-secrets(NaturalHealth365)  We’ve always heard that we shouldn’t keep secrets.  In fact, some of the greatest tragedies in books and on screen worldwide are based on one person keeping a secret from another.  But that’s about secrets that could be hurtful or have a negative effect on someone.  What about good secrets?

Yes, there are good secrets, good news you keep to yourself until it’s time to reveal.  Happy secrets that someone shares just with you because they aren’t quite ready to share with the world yet.  If “bad” secrets have the potential to harm, could “good” secrets possibly have the opposite effect?

The American Psychological Association believes that they can.  A recent article published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that is based on a study led by Michael Slepian, Ph.D. of Columbia University, suggests that “positive secrets” can make you feel more energized.

Examining the science of “good secrets”

First, it seems that most people struggle with keeping a secret.  A group of 500 people responded to a pre-study survey, and 76% of them said that if they got some good news, the first thing they would do is share it with someone.

The researchers conducted a total of five experiments that involved more than 2,500 participants.  The goal was to better understand the science of secrets, particularly good ones.  They wanted to understand what may motivate a person to keep a “good secret” and examine the effect that action could have on them, compared to a secret that would be considered embarrassing or unpleasant.

Participants in one of the experiments were shown a list of things typically considered good news, like reducing debt or saving money.  One group was asked which items of good news they had currently and which they had kept a secret.  The other group was asked to consider the good news that was not kept a secret.  All the participants were asked if they planned to share the news with someone else and how energized it made them feel.  They were asked to rate those feelings.

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The researchers discovered that, on average, people have around 14 or 15 pieces of good news; of that, five or six are “good secrets.”  According to the participants, those “good secrets” made them feel more energized.  The participants in the group who did not have those “good secrets” did not experience the same boost in vitality.

What makes “good secrets” different?

The science of secrets has found that “good secrets” tend to be more freely chosen by the keeper of the secret.  The people keeping them are motivated intrinsically instead of extrinsically, resulting in a feeling of less constraint.

Additionally, they tend to line up with the keeper’s personal values.  They are positive to the keeper and have a joyful or happy slant.  Once released, they have the power to make others happy as well.  Holding onto something good makes you feel good.

Simple strategies to infuse your days with vitality

Don’t have a “good secret” right now?  That’s okay; there are plenty of ways to increase your vitality and feel more positive.  Try these mood boosters on for size:

  • Connect with nature wherever you can find it
  • Tap into your creative side
  • Enjoy a healthy dessert without guilt
  • Learn something new
  • Do something for someone else without expecting anything in return
  • Express your gratitude to someone and let them know you appreciate them
  • Compliment a stranger and see them smile

It doesn’t take much to feel good and more energized; just get out there and do it.

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