Reduce cancer cell growth and improve the gut microbiome by eating walnuts

Reduce cancer cell growth and improve the gut microbiome by eating walnuts
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(NaturalHealth365) You might have already heard about the benefits of walnuts as a vegan source of omega 3s. The nutrients in walnuts offer many health benefits, including cardiovascular and brain health. However, new evidence is showing that they are effective in optimizing the gut microbiome to suppress colon cancer cell growth.

And, by the way, colon cancer is currently the third most common cancer type in the world.

UConn Health and Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine researchers tested walnut consumption in mice. Mice that were fed a diet of 7 to 10.5 percent walnuts were found to have far less incidents of colon cancer. The remainder of the diet fed to these mice consisted of chow with a nutritional profile that was very similar to the typical American’s diet. A control group of mice was fed standard chow.

How to naturally kill a cancer cell without harming the body

In the study mentioned above, the reduction in colon cancer rates were particularly pronounced in male mice. The male mice were found to have 2.3 times fewer tumors than the female specimens. The human equivalent to the average amount of walnuts that was fed to the mice is one ounce per day.

The study was published in the Cancer Prevention Research journal. The results are exciting and extremely promising regarding the effects of walnuts against tumor growth. Evidence keeps accumulating about the health benefits of walnuts against cancer. They seem to act as a probiotic to optimize the gut microbiome, making the colon healthier and suppressing cancer cell and tumor growth.

Walnuts offer lots of plant-based omega 3s plus much more

Walnuts are the only nut containing plant-based omega 3s. There are multiple healing components in walnut phytonutrients and lipid extracts which seem to target and kill cancer cells. Walnuts also have high levels of a vitamin E form that has been linked with cancer prevention.

And let’s not forget the other unique cancer-inhibiting compounds in walnuts including the tannin tellimagrandin; the flavonol morin4; and the quinone juglone.

In addition to their cancer-fighting properties, walnuts also assist in the prevention of a number of illnesses that are linked with poor lifestyle and diet choices. Heart disease, neurological disorders and diabetes all seem to be warded off by the regular consumption of walnuts.

Eating one ounce of walnuts per day could prevent colon cancer

While additional testing in humans is warranted, the researchers are excited about their findings. Some reported that they now try to eat walnuts every day.

Eating one ounce of walnuts each day is not difficult to do. They are delicious chopped as a topping on oatmeal, yogurt and salads. They are also a protein-packed snack option ideal for offsetting that “mid-afternoon lull” between lunch and dinner.

However, care should be taken not to overdo it on the walnuts because they could put too much stress on digestion.  So, although this nut is very healthy and nutritionally-dense – one ounce per day should be enough for most people to enjoy the health benefits.


Walnuts May Help Prevent Colon Cancer

Walnuts inhibit cancer development, slow its growth, and kill cancer cells

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