Dangerous Chemicals

Dental amalgam fillings release MORE mercury when combined with WiFi exposure


(NaturalHealth365) Mercury, commonly used in dental amalgam fillings, is one of the most toxic substances on the planet. And, although the American Dental Association continues to insist that mercury-based ‘silver’ fillings are safe, natural health experts have long warned that micro-levels of this highly-toxic substance can be released into the body, with grave health consequences. Now, a disturbing new study ... Read More »

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Air freshener gases causes car to explode


(NaturalHealth365) Gases from a car air freshener recently caused a car to explode in the UK. The automobile, a Ford Focus hatchback, was parked in a B&Q car park in Essex at the time. This unexpected explosion reportedly blew off the doors and roof of the car, injuring one person. While the person’s injuries were said to be minor, this ... Read More »

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Chemical industry lies and the “secret” papers that prove it


(NaturalHealth365) The publication of over 200,000 long-hidden documents is now blowing the lid off the corrupt and longstanding (criminal) relationship between regulatory federal agencies and chemical companies. Known as the “Poison Papers Project,” the collection and publication of the documents was initiated this year by Independent Science News and the Center for Media and Democracy – revealing decades of collusion ... Read More »

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BPA free substitute bisphenol S INCREASES the growth of breast cancer cells


(NaturalHealth365) Bisphenol A (BPA) is a component of the strong, clear plastics used in the food packaging industry. However, the majority of over 1,000 studies of the chemical show its link to numerous health problems including increased risk of cancer, impaired brain development and cardiovascular issues. BPA can also contribute to obesity, depressed immune system functioning and mood disorders. It ... Read More »

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Consumer ALERT: Disinfecting wipes are loaded with pesticides


(NaturalHealth365) The choice to employ antibacterial and disinfecting wipes to clean dirty surfaces seems like a no-brainer. Not only are wipes convenient to use, fairly inexpensive and pleasantly scented, but they give the user the reassuring conviction that pathogens and dangerous microbes are being killed. For most unsuspecting buyers of these wipes, that would seem like a win-win scenario, right? ... Read More »

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Commonly used cleaning products: A big threat to family health


(NaturalHealth365) It’s hard to think of a substance more seemingly harmless and wholesome than soap. Yet many of these cleaning products, especially those billed as “antibacterial,” contain a stew of toxic chemicals, allergens and irritants – which may cause physical harm when used long-term. And laundry detergents and household cleaners can be fatal if ingested – a frightening situation, in ... Read More »

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Artificial sweeteners linked to the accumulation of fat and obesity


(NaturalHealth365) Many people seek out products with artificial sweeteners such as diet soda to help cut calories and maintain ideal weight. Unfortunately, it turns out that artificially sweetened products can have quite the opposite effect. Despite their intent, one of the main disturbing artificial sweetener side effects is the accumulation of fat and unwanted weight gain. Consumption of large amounts ... Read More »

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Independent research finds Roundup linked to over a dozen major health issues


(NaturalHealth365) In March of 2015, the World Health Organization officially classified glyphosate, a primary ingredient of the weed-killer Roundup, as a probable carcinogen. Since then, over 1,200 people with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma have filed suit against Monsanto, the herbicide’s manufacturer, for failing to warn of the cancer risks – with many more lawsuits likely to emerge. As Monsanto, a.k.a. “the world’s ... Read More »

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Chemotherapy side effects enable cancer cells to spread from breast to lungs


(NaturalHealth365) Most people are aware that chemotherapy, a primary cancer treatment, can cause harsh chemotherapy side effects. However, now research by Tsonwin Hai and his team of scientists is showing that chemotherapy can actually trigger cellular responses that lead to the spread of more cancer in adjacent areas. Breast cancer survival rates have been improving in recent years. However, this ... Read More »

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Weed killer Roundup contains ingredient that can kill human cells, say researchers


(NaturalHealth365) Roundup has been a top-selling weed killer since its release in the 1970s. Numerous studies have connected its active ingredient, glyphosate, with a number of serious health problems – especially to the unborn child.  More recently, it’s been found that one of the so-called “inert” ingredients in Roundup could be making the effects of glyphosate much worse. “Inert” ingredients ... Read More »

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DNA repair damaged by being exposed to cancer-causing, common household products


(NaturalHealth365) If you’re not favoring organic, chemical-free personal care product choices or natural solutions whenever possible, you (quite frankly) are probably raising your risk for getting cancer. Research out of the University of Cambridge has verified the link between toxic chemicals called aldehydes, the destruction of DNA repair mechanisms and a higher risk of cancer due to their effects at ... Read More »

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Pesticide DANGERS: The Poison Papers expose decades of collusion between industry and regulators


(NaturalHealth365) A massive cache of documents and correspondence between regulatory agencies and the chemical industry has now seen the light of day – and it exposes a stunning pattern of collusion and deceit. Over 200,000 documents – including study summaries, internal secret memos, meeting minutes and sworn testimonies – attest to the fact that both industry and regulators were aware ... Read More »

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