Stop Cancer Naturally

Brain cancer strongly linked to cell phone radiation in brand-new, large-scale study


(Naturalhealth365) Even if the wireless industry would like you to ignore this truth: it looks like very little cell phone use – per month – can cause a big increase in the risk of brain cancer. An astounding 95 out of 100 adult Americans currently own cell phones, a testament to the nation’s near-universal embrace of a mode of communication ... Read More »

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Breast cancer linked to an imbalanced microbiome, research says


(Naturalhealth365) Breast cancer, second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer deaths among women, is expected to claim the lives of over 40,000 women in 2017 alone. As researchers race to find better methods of preventing, detecting and treating this deadly disease, they are learning more about the vital role played by the microbiome – the body’s population ... Read More »

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The anticancer benefits of lemon


(NaturalHealth365) Lemon is a tasty addition to foods and beverages and also a favorite aromatherapy scent. However, the benefits of lemon go beyond its citrus flavor and uplifting aroma. Lemons, especially the peels, can also bring tremendous anticancer benefits. Lemon peels contain key compounds that bolster the immune system to more effectively fight cancer. Science is increasingly coming to the ... Read More »

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An overlooked trace mineral for cancer prevention and bone health


(Naturalhealth365)  Cancer prevention is on everyone’s mind.  Of course, other diseases like diabetes, dementia and arthritis can not be forgotten.  And, for good reason because the numbers are (conventionally-speaking) out of control! For example, prostate cancer currently affects over 172,000 men in the United States – while an estimated 54.4 million people nationwide suffer from arthritis, a debilitating and painful ... Read More »

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Vitamin B3 lowers the risk of melanoma


(NaturalHealth365) Rates of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, are on the rise. The American Cancer Society predicted that melanoma would cause over 9,000 deaths within the United States (alone) in 2017 – and that over 91,000 new cases would be diagnosed by year’s end. And, not a word about the value of vitamin B3. While research is ongoing, ... Read More »

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Elevated insulin and blood sugar levels INCREASE the risk of cancer, according to multiple studies


(Naturalhealth365) According to the National Cancer Institute, the number of new cancer cases will rise to 22 million within the next two decades – while over 30 million adults in the United States are currently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  The sad part is: conventionally speaking, insulin and its impact on cancer risk is widely unknown by the general public ... Read More »

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How standing up can reduce your risk of cancer and premature death


(Naturalhealth365) “Sit down and relax.” “Have a seat.” “Please remain seated.” As unlikely as it seems, these polite, harmless-sounding phrases may be invitations to engage in a practice that is hazardous to your health – especially as it relates to cancer risk. Recent studies are revealing associations between the act of sitting – especially for prolonged periods of time – ... Read More »

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Weight loss reduces breast cancer risk by over 30 percent


(Naturalhealth365) Breast cancer – one of the leading causes of death from cancer among women – claimed over 41,000 lives in 2014 alone.  Yet, we know that weight loss could help thousands of women to avoid this dreadful condition. In truth, researchers have long known that obesity, which currently affects close to 40 percent of women in the United States, ... Read More »

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Healing from cancer – A safe alternative


(Naturalhealth365) According to the American Cancer Society, the number of people living with a cancer diagnosis in the United States is expected to soar to almost 19 million by the year 2024.  For many people, this may be a (good) sign that more and more individuals are ‘living well’ past their diagnosis.  But, you and I both know that this ... Read More »

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The scientific link between gum disease and cancer


(Naturalhealth365) Gum disease, or periodontitis, is characterized by inflammation or infection in the tissues of the gums. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gum disease affects almost half of all people over 30 in the United States, and becomes more widespread as people age – affecting over 70 percent of Americans 65 and over. Now, ... Read More »

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Broccoli sprouts and green tea nutrients transform lethal breast cancers into highly treatable form


(Naturalhealth365) Natural health experts have long known that certain foods, like broccoli sprouts can help protect against breast cancer – and that the natural compounds found in many superfoods can help combat chronic disease conditions. Now, a groundbreaking study adds an encouraging new twist to the healing power of healthy nutrition. Researchers have found that the nutrients found inside broccoli ... Read More »

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Curing cancer with integrative medicine


(Naturalhealth365) Claiming close to 600,000 lives a year, cancer continues to be a leading cause of death in the United States – right behind heart disease. But, for me, what makes this statistic so sad is that it’s completely avoidable – for millions of people! Unfortunately, Western medicine – totally controlled by the pharmaceutical industry – continues to ineffectively battle ... Read More »

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