Concealed for four decades: Dupont and 3M suppress research revealing severe health risks of PFAS chemicals

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pfas-health-risks-concealed(NaturalHealth365)  Corporate malfeasance has escalated to the point that some watchdogs argue we’ve entered a dystopian period of corporate fascism in which soft money campaign donations convince politicians to turn a blind eye to private sector immorality.  Corporate America’s shift away from the pseudo-utilitarianism of the 20th century to unbridled self-interest at the cost of the collective is artfully portrayed in movies like Erin Brockovich and Dark Waters.

For example, Dupont, the corporation exposed in Dark Waters, and 3M are two of the most negligent corporations in the United States.  Both companies have gone to great lengths to conceal evidence of the significant health risks posed by perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) chemicals.  These human-created chemicals are used by corporations here at home and abroad.

Unmasking the PFAS cover-up by Dupont, 3M, and others

Dupont, 3M, and several other businesses that create consumer products are doing their best to hide studies that prove PFAS chemicals are harmful to human health.  A recent study published in the Annals of Global Health reveals 3M, and Dupont employed strategies similar to those used by the tobacco industry to prevent the public from becoming aware of PFAS chemical toxicity.  The study also shows these corporations have delayed the regulation of the chemicals’ use in the production of goods.

Adding salt to the wound is the fact that both companies allegedly knew about the dangers posed by the chemicals for more than four decades.  The study alleged 3M and Dupont concealed that evidence from customers, in-house employees, and regulators to advance the bottom line.

How chemical industry giants concealed the dangers of PFAS

The study referenced above shows chemical industry titans covered their tracks in an attempt to prevent the public from learning about the level of toxicity posed by PFAS.  As a result, federal and state government regulation of the use of PFAS was significantly delayed, ultimately helping those corporations rake in additional revenue.

Dupont and 3M concealed scientific research on PFAS health risks for decades.  The companies allegedly knew these chemicals posed a threat to human health.  PFAS do not break apart like other non-harmful chemicals.  Such “forever chemicals” spread throughout the groundwater, soil, the air we breathe, and even into human bodies.

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The study reveals Dupont and 3M are the largest FPAS generators.  The study’s authors insist these two corporate titans went to great lengths to hide evidence that forever chemicals posed a threat to human health and replicated shady manipulation tactics used by Big Tobacco from the 60s onward.

Both Dupont and 3M might face legal action

Uninformed consumers in the United States and across the globe tend to be at the mercy of corporations.  No doubt, the private industry’s use of PFAS in consumer goods ranging from clothing to packaging for food and nonstick cookware, has caused incalculable harm.  PFAS have been in use since the 50s, meaning much of the liver damage, thyroid disease, cancer, and even harm to infants and pregnant mothers was likely the result of exposure to these forever chemicals.

But, consumers do have the power to boycott Dupont, 3M, and other large producers of consumer goods containing PFAS.  In addition, the proof of the suppression of evidence in the study referenced above can certainly set the stage for a lawsuit against the producers of PFAS, ultimately helping to reduce or even eliminate the use of these forever chemicals in consumer goods.

Editor’s note: To learn more about the attorney featured in Dark Waters and his amazing story about the ‘dark’ secrets of Dupont, listen to this NaturalHealth365 Podcast … it will blow your mind!

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