CONFIRMED: COVID shots cause blood clots, infertility and cancer

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covid-shots-cause-cancer(NaturalHealth365)  Fertility rates have steadily decreased since the 1960s, dropping about 1% per annum.  The influx of chemicals into our diet combined with the prevalence of sperm-destroying laptops/tablets and unhealthy sedentary living have all contributed to the decline in fertility.  Tragically, this is only a small part of a growing problem threatening the future of humanity.

An experienced pathologist recently confirmed that the COVID shots increase the risk of inflammation, blood clots, cancer, and infertility.  He has sounded the alarm about the spike in new-onset cancers, especially in young people, and a return of cancers deemed in remission.

COVID shot causes cancer, infertility, and more

The Idaho pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, insists COVID shots transmit harmful lipid-based nanoparticles into the human body.  The combination of these nanoparticles with the components of mRNA causes the body to develop nasty spike proteins that subsequently move throughout the body, hiking the chances of harmful inflammation and blood clotting.  In addition, Dr. Cole is adamant that the injections also have the potential to spur the onset of cancer.

The capper is Cole’s insistence that Big Pharma’s mRNA COVID shot reduces fertility.  If Cole is correct, the shot has compromised both the present and the future.  It is no secret that the reproduction rate has steadily declined in recent years for many reasons.  The mRNA COVID shots might exacerbate our falling reproduction rate all the more.

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Dr. Ryan Cole: “The spike protein on its own is toxic”

Cole, the owner of Cole Diagnostics, a massive independent diagnostics lab, has proof of sizable blood clots increasing in frequency in recent years.  Take a look at Cole’s findings, and you’ll be shocked by images of massive, sometimes foot-long blood clots that began appearing in 2021, soon after the COVID shot rollout.

Cole insists the shot’s spike protein is responsible for the clots, the hike in cancer, and the reduction in fertility.  The spike protein connects with receptors that allow tumors to grow without impediment.

Cole is the canary in the coal mine, sounding the alarm about the COVID shot being nothing more than an experiment with potentially deadly side effects.  As admitted by Pfizer’s head Albert Bourla, mRNA-based shots were not in the works until about a year before the pandemic began.  The truth is that mRNA shots are gene sequence injections with toxic effects compromising human fertility, blood flow, and overarching health.

Drop in fertility combined with rise in cancer rates equals a catastrophe for humanity

Though power brokers such as Elon Musk have been justifiably criticized for pushing transhumanism that surrenders personal autonomy to tech elites, he should be commended for highlighting the world’s potentially devastating population decline that looms ominously on the horizon.  South Korea offered financial incentives to its citizens to encourage reproduction, yet few obliged.  The growing hesitance to start a family or even marry is compounded by the fact that the COVID shots’ nanoparticles connect to tissues within the body, including the ovaries.

COVID shot-compromised ovaries make it difficult to reproduce, even if the mother is willing to bring life into the world.  In addition, ovaries and eggs have ACE2 receptors that are vulnerable to the shot’s spike protein, ultimately preventing full ovulation.  Dr. Cole has also shone the spotlight on the growing number of infant placentas that are calcified due to the shot’s spike protein.

If the masses continue to roll up their sleeves for mRNA shots, it might not be long until we resort to artificial wombs to create cosmetically and cognitively enhanced babies that maintain the target fertility replacement rate.  If the cabal has its way, those babies will be implanted with brain chips and subdermal implants for a technologically superior cohort powered by transhumanism that ultimately yields corporeal and thought control to Big Tech.

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