How CoQ10 significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, human study shows how much is needed

How CoQ10 significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, human study shows how much is needed
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(NaturalHealth365) A couple of the many unfortunate effects of the aging process is a reduction in skin tone and more wrinkles.  This is largely due to a breakdown in cellular repair caused by the loss of a vital nutrient called, CoQ10.

But, here’s the good news: replacement of this crucial nutrient can dramatically offset the effects of aging, according to several recently published studies.

Keep in mind, CoQ10 helps in the cellular regenerative process, including fueling the mitochondria.  And, as you probably know already, the mitochondria represent the cells’ power generators.  They transform food into fuel which creates energy for the body.

Unfortunately, as we age, the mitochondria can become damaged – especially if we’re not careful with our nutritional needs.

Healthy CoQ10 levels can reduce the risk of developing wrinkles by 30 percent or more

Factors like toxins, oxidative stress and infections can accelerate this deterioration.  As a result, the mitochondria are less efficient at creating energy and repairing the cells. And, yes, this can lead to the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and loose skin.

For one of the studies: researchers took skin samples from people of various ages. Their goal was to measure the relationship between mitochondrial deterioration due to aging and how taking CoQ10 could slow down these effects. The skin cells were tested for oxygen consumption and ATP production – both are indicators of active cellular mitochondria.

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To be clear: a reduction in these markers is associated with the aging process.

The skin samples were exposed to either CoQ10 or a neutral control substance. The researchers found the addition of CoQ10 caused a significant increase in mitochondrial activity.

Oxygen consumption rate increased and contributed to more ATP production.  Cellular oxygen consumption is key to generating beneficial ATP.  The skin cells supplemented with CoQ10 increased their oxygen production by nearly 30 percent over the cells without supplementation.

Appearance of wrinkles reduced dramatically when taking CoQ10 supplements

This supported better mitochondrial energy production, cellular maintenance and skin tissue repair.  In short, CoQ10-nourished cells are better able to fight the ravages of aging.

However, it also underscores other research that shows CoQ10 supports numerous organs and systems; strong mitochondrial functioning is a cornerstone of health.

In another study conducted by the Institute of Cosmetics of Ljubljana, Slovenia, researchers examined the effects of CoQ10 on parameters related to aging: skin elasticity, thickness, hydration level and the appearance of wrinkles.

For the study, 33 women between the ages of 45 and 60 were given either a placebo, 50 mg of CoQ10 per day or 150 mg of CoQ10 per day for 12 weeks.  Skin quality measurements were taken at the study outset, at six weeks and 12 weeks.

CoQ10 slows the aging process inside and out

The appearance of wrinkles showed no change in the placebo group, while those taking CoQ10 showed significant reduction.  The CoQ10 group also maintained skin elasticity compared with a 25 percent reduction in the placebo group.

Taking CoQ10 also improved skin smoothness by up to 82 percent with zero change in those taking a placebo.

Researchers have determined CoQ10 acts as a sort of “fuel additive” for the mitochondria. When this part of the cell is supported, it is much easier for skin cells to maintain and support themselves. CoQ10 is also a free radical scavenger, reducing oxidative damage.

Bottom line: CoQ10 supplements help slow the aging process in many key areas both inside and out. A dose of around 150 mg per day brings numerous benefits, but amounts of up to 1,000 mg or more are well tolerated.

For best results, talk to your integrative healthcare provider before supplementing with CoQ10.

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