Criminal lawsuit filed against Swiss doctors, regulatory authorities demanding COVID shot suspension

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lawsuit-demands-covid-shot-suspension(NaturalHealth365)  Life in the stereotypically peaceful and politically neutral Switzerland is becoming quite contentious thanks to the drama surrounding the coronavirus shot.  A criminal lawsuit filed on behalf of six people harmed by the COVID shots alleges Swissmedic – the regulatory and supervisory authority for pharmaceuticals and medical devices in Switzerland – violated the nation’s criminal code by approving the shots and then ignoring thousands of cases of death and disability.

The 300-page criminal complaint contains 1,200 pieces of evidence demonstrating the negligence of doctors and regulatory authorities and attempts to hold Swissmedic accountable for misleading the population through the dissemination of false information about the COVID injections.

Swissmedic accused of violating criminal law by approving inadequately tested COVID injection

Phillip Kruse, a Swiss lawyer, is making waves for criminal accusations against Swissmedic officials and nearly half a dozen individuals within Insel Group, an organization that operates a Bern hospital.  The litigation is especially meaningful as it comes on the heels of courts initially ignoring the claims.

Dig into the minutia of the legal complaint, and you’ll find allegations that Swissmedic breached the country’s criminal code through the approval of shots that were not adequately tested.  Swissmedic also allegedly committed negligence by sidestepping its duty to explore instances of causally related physical disability and even premature death.

According to the legal complaint, the defendants’ negligence led to disability, death, and a significant decline in birth rates, with more than 6,000 infants “missing” in 2022.  The legal action targets three specific individuals who work for Switzerland’s supervisory and regulatory agency that oversees the use of pharmaceutical products.

Swiss COVID shot lawsuit serves the collective interest

The logic in taking formal legal action against Swiss medical authorities is that it is an important step in preventing additional individuals from suffering alleged harm caused by the mRNA shots created by the likes of Moderna and Pfizer.  It is particularly interesting to note that the 300+ page legal complaint also includes more than 1,000 documents used as evidence to support the claims.

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If the accusations presented in the legal complaint are true, Swissmedic negligently breached its duty of protecting the health of Swiss citizens by greenlighting an unproven product.  Such a permanent and significant breach of the group’s legal duty of care is important in the context of the law and a potential payout.  The alleged negligence harmed everyday people, including youngsters, those who were otherwise in good health, and the elderly, particularly vulnerable to foreign substances transmitted through shots.

Take a close look at the country’s Therapeutic Products Act, and you’ll find parties such as Swissmedic are required to take the necessary measures to guarantee the health of the public is not endangered.  If a judge rules the defendants failed to properly assess and record risks or failed to demonstrate the necessary foresight, the stage will be set for financial compensation to be paid to the victims in the form of a settlement or court award.

Will there be justice for all people harmed by the shots?

Though the defendants in the lawsuit insist there is no meaningful causal relationship between the negative health outcomes suffered by the public and the coronavirus shot, the data says otherwise.  Decreasing birth rates across Europe is just one example of how mRNA shots might destroy human health.

Stay tuned as more details about the legal action are revealed in the months ahead.

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