HISTORIC, first-of-its kind class-action settlement reached over COVID shot mandates

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healthcare-workers(NaturalHealth365)  As time progresses, it is becoming increasingly clear that those who turned down the COVID-19 shot are on the right side of history.  In hindsight, it wasn’t prudent to inject oneself with an experimental shot pushed by untrustworthy “health” agencies.  Making matters worse is the fact that the top pharma companies are now rolling out jabs for each COVID-19 variant.

As detailed in this piece, it is time for those who pushed the vax on others to apologize to the unjabbed.  Healthcare workers who refused the injections were recently awarded more than $10 million in a settlement.  The settlement is the first of its type in the context of the coronavirus vax.

HUGE WIN: Healthcare workers awarded $10.3 million over COVID shot mandates

The settlement will be paid by the Chicago North Shore University Health System.  Exactly $10.3 million will be paid to healthcare employees due to the mandating of the coronavirus vax for employment.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of 500+ employees who selflessly served in the healthcare sector up until the point at which North Shore University Health System unlawfully discriminated against them.

Furthermore, the court ruled the employer overrode religious exemptions when mandating that employees receive the jab to maintain employment.  The sad truth is that hardworking North shore employees were terminated from employment after refusing a shot containing aborted fetal matter.

As long as the Federal District Court approves the settlement, the money will be paid to the North Shore employees.  Those employees will receive a notice of the financial settlement after approval from the federal District Court.

North Shore must change its ways

The settlement agreement terms state North Shore is required to alter its illegal policy that does not allow any religious accommodation.  The policy is to be modified to conform to the law.  Furthermore, religious accommodations for North Shore employees are to be provided in each of the company’s buildings.  Unvaxxed employees with an approved exemption from the shot for religious reasons are to be considered for open positions at all North Shore Facilities.

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The terms of the settlement agreement also state that employees of the company who lost their job after refusing the jab for religious reasons are to be considered for rehire if applying within 90 days of the time when the federal District Court approves the final settlement.  Making the victory even sweeter for the jab-refusers is the fact that the agreement mandates that the returning workers retain their prior level of seniority.

A much-deserved payout is on its way

The specific payout from the settlement hinges on the submission of claim forms by the deadline.  However, North Shore will likely end up paying about $25,000 to each employee who refused the jab for religious reasons.

The company will also pay $3,000 to employees who were required to take the shot to retain their employment with the company if their refusal was rooted in religious beliefs.  The lawsuit has 13 lead plaintiffs, each of whom will receive an additional $20,000 financial compensation for spearheading the litigation as the class representatives.

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