The Detox Project features Jonathan Landsman talking about oral toxicity and detoxification

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detox(NaturalHealth365) Every day, we are dealing with hundreds of toxins – to such an overwhelming extent that natural health experts say the situation is reaching crisis proportions.  To make matters worse, most people are being kept in the dark about the health benefits of detoxification.

Allergies, autoimmune disorders, excess weight gain, diabetes and all types of cancer are linked to a lack of nutrition and toxicity within the body.  But, the right detoxification plan can reverse these health issues – without the need for drugs or risky medical procedures.

Find out how to safely detoxify the body.  Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalHealth365, has been asked to be a featured speaker and invites you to hear his talk about oral toxicity.  This presentation can save you thousands of dollars in unwanted medical expenses and help you avoid needless pain by having the right information about how to protect your health.

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Featured speaker Jonathan Landsman talks about detoxification and the dangers of poor oral health

Poor oral health is the most overlooked health problem in conventional and integrative medicine.  In fact, a shocking 80 percent of disease symptoms stem from issues in the mouth. Chronic fatigue, brain fog, even disorders such as high blood pressure and diabetes are all associated with oral toxicity.

Learn about the four main components of poor oral health – which include mercury-based, ‘silver’ fillings – and listen as Jonathan Landsman reveals the real reasons behind conventional medicine and dentistry’s failure to address them.  This is not only due to a lack of knowledge in the public – and a lack of transparency by conventionally-trained medical professionals – says Landsman, but the fact that government health agencies are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

In fact, doctors and dentists are kept in a sort of “mental prison,” says Landsman, “…where anything outside of ‘acceptable practice’ could cause them to lose their licenses.”  Insurance companies, says Landsman, contribute to the problem as well.

“They will happily pay for pills,” Landsman says, “and for basic standard dental practices…” (some of which may be toxic and dangerous)!  But, when it comes to improving people’s oral health through holistic and integrative means, it’s a different story. For example, many insurance companies will gladly pay for a mercury filling – but not a safer one that is composite or carbon-based.

Find out how to reverse poor oral health and successfully detoxify the body

Some detoxification programs – well-intended as they are to rid the body of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and other toxins – fail due to too much inflammation in the body, which is in turn caused by toxic issues in the mouth and a lack of nutrients within the cells.  In a dangerous cycle, inflammation can cause digestive problems, making it even more difficult for your body to absorb vital, disease-fighting nutrients.  The situation can be worsened by root canal-treated teeth that have become infected; gum disease that causes toxins to spill into the bloodstream; and complications from improperly extracted teeth.

Join Jonathan as he explores the causes of, and solutions to, poor oral health, and offers practical detoxification solutions you can implement right away – helping you to not only mobilize dangerous toxins but eliminate them safely from the body.  Along the way, Jonathan talks about the health benefits of high-quality vitamin C, oil pulling, proper tooth and gum care tips plus many other inexpensive ways to protect your health from toxins.

The stakes have never been higher: Join Jonathan Landsman at The Detox Project for this important presentation and learn how to transform your health – starting with your teeth and gum health.

The Detox Project is available – at no cost – until October 3, 2016.  Click here to register today!

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Keep Reading:

  • Karl Olson

    This is one of the most important topics of the decade. I doubt if people were ever surrounded with all the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and environmental poisons as they are today.

  • Sue Brown

    It is important to get as much information on detoxing as possible. There isn’t always a great understanding of what a good detox program consist of.

  • Tyler P

    I know for a fact it is hard to detox heavy metals and vaccine toxins. In the past I worked for a center that offered fasting to facilitate this process. It did work for many people, but it wasn’t the complete answer. The process was not easy.

    That is why I like the advice given on this page. it is not only easier to do, but it is safe and can be used again if needed.

  • Benjamin Preston

    Many people don’t realize their symptoms of headaches, fatigue, weight gain, edema, bloating, nausea, and even kidney problems are symptoms of being toxic. To significantly reduce and relieve symptoms you usually need to detox.

    The physical stress from chemical exposure whether from junk food, pharmaceuticals and environment show up in these type of symptoms. Detoxing also means not only getting out the poisons, but putting in supporting nutrition.

  • Freda McDonald

    Until I heard you speak on dental toxicity, I thought of cleansing as juicing and eating clean food. Now, I know there is more to this than I knew. As usually I am appreciate and will seek out a biological dentist.

  • Ruth Waxman

    A good detoxifying program will facilitate the removal of accumulated toxic chemicals that are trapped. Where are they trapped is what is concerning. They are in the fat, muscles, intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lymphatic system and cells. This is just about every place it can hide, and we are bombarded with more poisons than we can handle.

    Everyone is exposed so everyone should register. I am happy to have the opportunity to learn how to counter the effects of the modern lifestyle.

  • Eddy Aker

    A major cause of chronic liver problems is toxicity. This is in part the trigger for high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is linked to insulin sensitivity and other chronic conditions.

    The obesity factor is usually brought up with fatty liver disease. However, the liver damage now seen by doctors occurs in people of all sizes. It isn’t fat than makes this condition, it is the accumulation of toxins such as pesticides, food additives, a high sugar diet and lack of nutrients.

    Detoxing is one of the best assurances you have of keeping your liver healthy. This is especially true if it is followed by nutritional support.