Evidence is clear: Face mask harms far outweigh benefits

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face-mask-harms-outweigh-benefits(NaturalHealth365)  The great masking controversy stands at the center of the COVID-19 pandemic debacle and gave us all a front-row seat to a twisted game of “follow the leader.”  People were denied entrance to stores if they refused to wear a mask, people turned on each other, verbally and sometimes physically assaulting those who dared to walk about mask-free, and restrictions got tighter and tighter as the virus continued on its path.  The maskless were blamed for contaminating everyone, while the masked were blamed for lowering the body’s natural immunity to disease by hindering exposure.

Mass hysteria, herd mentality, the terms were caustic and frequently tossed about while we were repeatedly instructed to “trust the science.”  What they failed to tell us is that “the science” didn’t support their agenda.  In fact, there is no scientific evidence that the masks are or ever were effective against COVID-19.

And now healthcare professionals like Eric Payne MD, MPH, FRCP(C) have vowed to unmask the truth.

Inadequate “leadership” couldn’t pick a side

From the start, the pandemic was questionable at best.  The media fed the fear and panic that world leadership introduced.  Dr. Anthony Fauci led the charge, extolling the virtues of masking one day and backpedaling the next.  At one point, he likened double-masking to a version of an N95 respirator which is absolutely ludicrous.

Finally, when he was faced with the fact that there was a significant lack of scientific evidence to support masking, he settled on telling people that they should just make up their own minds about wearing a mask.  So which is it?  Do masks work or not?

History and physics debunk the mask myth

Masking has never been an effective deterrent for preventing the spread of respiratory conditions.  Our history books tell us that.  In fact, virus material can easily slip through the mesh of a surgical mask, especially the areas where the mask fits over the cheeks and under the eyes, not to mention that children and adults tend to move and adjust their masks often.  The mask myth is just that – a myth.

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Study after study has shown that masking is not effective against illnesses like influenza and has no association with a reduction in case numbers.

So, what’s the answer?

Research has found that masking is not only ineffective but has the potential to be quite harmful.  There is an abundance of evidence that shows cloth and surgical masks used as they were recommended during the mask frenzy portion of the pandemic have no impact on the control of transmission of the so-called COVID virus.

To make matter worse, there is ample evidence indicating that masking can actually cause harm to the wearer, especially children.  They can make the child more susceptible to illness because masks can become contaminated.  Study after study has reported finding fungal and bacterial contamination in face masks, particularly during the period around COVID.

There are also developmental issues that have been noted in children who have had to mask up.  Social issues have also arisen among all age groups as the mask has negatively affected communication and separated people even more.

The bottom line is you should not just “trust the science.”  Instead, do your own research, think critically, and draw your own conclusions.

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