Scandal: Florida COVID testing labs are over inflating the positive results

Scandal: Florida COVID testing labs are over inflating the positive results
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(NaturalHealth365) If we are to believe the latest Florida COVID-19 stats, then the Sunshine State is currently having a major spike in SARS-CoV-2 infections.  By the way, other states are reportedly having COVID spikes include Pennsylvannia and Texas.  And, while we won’t speculate how or why the spikes are occurring, we do feel duty-bound to report on some shocking fake COVID allegations coming out of Florida’s state labs.

For starters: What do you think happens when a COVID testing lab only reports positive COVID test results? That’s right: the true rate of coronavirus cases gets severely skewed by calculated misinformation.

And according to some officials, this – along with outright fake COVID tests – is exactly what’s happening!

COVID scandal rocking Florida: State labs allegedly “cooking the books” over SARS-CoV-2 test results

Rebel Cole is the Lynn Eminent Scholar Professor of Finance in the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. A couple weeks ago, he sent out a jaw-dropping tweet to his followers.

In it, he shares data which suggests that hundreds of COVID testing labs in Florida supposedly had 100% of their tests come back positive on July 11.  These positive tests accounted for over a third of all the new cases reported that day.

Really? All the daily tests at these hundreds of state labs came back positive for SARS-CoV-2?

The tweet, which has (unfortunately) since been remove – but, we’ve seen it, said:

“This is a scandal begging for press coverage: 333 FL Covid Testing labs reported 100% positive tests today in State Report for 3,528 tests.  That is 34% of today’s 10,360 new cases.  Without these, today’s “percent positive” would fall from 12.6% to 8.7%.” – Rebel A. Cole (@RebelACole) July 11, 2020.

In another tweet, Cole rightly points out that withholding information about the negative COVID test results – or at least delaying their publication to later in the week or news cycle – can significantly skew the size of a so-called “spike” and bias the results so that they are sky high … or at least much higher than they are in real life.

As a side note: there are many doctors that think this current pandemic is becoming less severe.

Unbelievable deception: Fake COVID-19 testing being reported

Like many of our readers, we are hearing about other reports and anecdotes of blatant dishonesty among state and local officials. For example, in addition to reporting only positive tests, some labs are allegedly pumping out fake COVID test results for people who weren’t even tested.

This includes people who went to a testing site, filled out the necessary paperwork, but decided to leave after about an hour or so due to the long wait … only to later find out that they “tested positive,” despite never receiving the now-infamous nasal swab in the first place!

Now, keep in mind that as the widespread testing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus allegedly continues across the country, you may hear terms related to diagnostic testing such as “false positive” or “false negative.” These terms actually don’t suggest deception or unethical behavior.

Instead, they refer to how valid or accurate a test result is.

A “false negative” means getting a test result that tells you you don’t have the condition for which it’s testing, even though you actually do (say, a pregnant woman getting a negative pregnancy test).

False positive is the reverse: a test tells you you do have the condition being tested for, even though you actually don’t (say, an uninfected person getting a positive COVID test result).

So, even if we leave aside the reports of misinformation and deception from state COVID labs, we also need to remember that some “legitimate” positive COVID tests may still be “false” after all.  In truth, we don’t know exactly what the false positive rate of the SARS-CoV-2 test is at this point, but it’s important to realize the possibility is there – as is true for any diagnostic test, since no test is 100 percent accurate – even if the media doesn’t want you to realize this.

Stay tuned, as NaturalHealth365 will continue to monitor and report on any scientific or medical fraud.

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