NEW VIDEO: Simple “adjustment” improves heart function, relieves years of pain

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heart-function-improved-by-adjustment(NaturalHealth365) It’s been over a year now that all eyes have been on COVID-19 and the number of lives claimed by the virus.  The truth is, however, that COVID does not affect everyone the same way.  According to data released by the CDC in September 2020, the vast majority of COVID-related deaths – 94 percent to be exact – occurred in people with multiple comorbid conditions.  One of the concomitant conditions commonly identified in people with the worst outcomes was heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States.

Millions live with heart disease with little to no hope to meaningfully improve their heart function without surgery or medication.  A poor functioning heart can destroy your quality of life, even prevent you from getting a good night of sleep.  That is precisely what happened to one man who did not sleep well for years due to his diminished heart function.  But there is a happy ending to this seemingly grim story.  Keep reading to find out how this man found a way to improve his heart’s functioning naturally.

AMAZING heart recovery story proves Western medical approach falls short of natural methods

In a video titled Fast Heart Recovery Story posted on Rumble, Jonathan Landsman of NaturalHealth365 interviewed Dr. Robert DeMaria, the founder of The Drugless Doctors, a chiropractic and nutrition-based practice located in Cleveland, Ohio, and Naples, Florida.  Dr. Bob has spent the past forty years helping people restore their health without ever prescribing a single medication.

If you are in disbelief, wondering how he could achieve positive results without pharmaceuticals, listen closely to the miraculous story of a man he shares during the interview.

The secret to restoring heart function lies in the understanding of the human body as a whole

One of the fallacies of Western medicine is that it takes a reductionist approach to health, both in the treatment and diagnosis of chronic diseases.  Instead of viewing the body as a whole, the Western medical model assigns parts of the human body to specialties while losing sight that we are complete human beings.

As you will learn in the video, the body’s various organs and organ systems are interconnected.  One perfect example of this interconnectedness is that the blood flows through the liver on its way to the heart.  Dr. Bob reveals that to get to the root of someone’s heart problems, multiple factors should be considered, including the liver’s health, nutritional status, and even spinal alignment.

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A simple “adjustment” leads to INCREDIBLY fast heart recovery

In the video, Dr. Bob talks about using a unique tool called a heart sound recorder to assess his patient’s heart condition before and after treatment.  He shows us undeniable evidence that a carefully designed protocol consisting of improved diet, specific supplements, and a non-forceful adjustment to the upper spine can be the perfect combination to create the desired results. Watch the video to see the staggering difference between the heart sound test done before and after treatment.

What is the bottom line?

As Dr. Bob’s story demonstrates, it is not enough to focus only inside the heart when you have a heart issue.  It is not enough to ignore the parts of the body that could be affecting your heart’s functioning.  Most people don’t know that a simple spinal adjustment – in combination with a proper diet and supplement regimen – can alleviate chronic spinal misalignments and pressures and improve cardiac rhythm and heart rate. 

We hope you find the content of this video inspiring.  Let’s inspire your friends and family too by sharing this article.

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