Just one monthly energy drink can wreak havoc on your sleep, scientists warn

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energy-drink-destroys-sleep(NaturalHealth365)  Energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster emerged on the market not too long ago, followed by a wave of new options.  These beverages have gained immense popularity, particularly among young adults and individuals seeking a quick energy boost.

However, a recent study published in the BMJ Open Journal sheds light on the concerning impact of consuming just one energy drink per month.  It suggests that even a single can of Red Bull at the beginning of the month could significantly compromise the quality and duration of sleep for the subsequent 30 days.

Research shines a light on how energy drinks undermine your sleep

The study examined more than 53,000 young adults aged 18 to 35 living in Norway.  It found that the more caffeine people consumed, the worse their sleep tended to be.  Quality and sleep length are important for our energy levels, mood, and overall well-being.

Interestingly, those who drank energy drinks every day took longer to fall asleep.  On average, they slept about half an hour less than those who didn’t consume caffeinated drinks regularly.

What’s concerning is that 51% of women who had daily energy drinks experienced insomnia, compared to only about a third of those who didn’t drink them regularly.  And if someone drank 2-3 energy drinks a week, they were much more likely to wake up unexpectedly during the night.

For men, drinking 2-3 energy drinks a week meant they were more likely to go to bed late and sleep for less than six hours.  Women faced similar issues, with an increased risk of going to bed late, sleeping less, and experiencing sleep disturbances after consuming energy drinks.  These findings highlight the potential negative impact of energy drink consumption on sleep quality for both men and women.

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Additional dangers of energy drinks beyond sleep issues

Energy drinks cause a plethora of additional problems aside from sleep issues.  Take a look at your favorite energy drink’s label, and you’ll find it is likely laden with 20+ grams of sugar that decays teeth and causes inflammation and weight gain.

Energy drinks contain chemicals that alter digestive system functionality.  Drinking one can of any energy drink can make you anxious and possibly even fidget.  Caffeine is also a diuretic, meaning it depletes some of the body’s water through excretory system stimulation.

Though few are aware of it, energy drinks also cause cardiovascular issues, including irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure.  In some instances, the consumption of several energy drinks has caused cardiac arrest, seizures, and even death.

Instead of downing an energy drink, choose plain water with fresh lemon added for taste.  If you have a youngster in the home, limit their caffeine intake to that of a piece of organic chocolate.  Those between 12 and 18 should be limited to less than 100 milligrams of daily caffeine.  Bottom line, once you kick the habit of consuming too much caffeine, you’ll enjoy much better health.

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