All eyes on fluoride: Landmark federal trial resumes

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fluoride-on-trial(NaturalHealth365)  Fluoride in water has got to be one of the world’s longest-running and most widespread socio-medical experiments.  The general public was led to believe that fluoride would help to strengthen the enamel on teeth, so government agencies “approved” of the effort to add this toxic substance to city drinking water for decades to supposedly help children maintain tooth health.

However, there has always been a huge concern that fluoride, especially at the levels f!  ound in municipal water supplies, that fluoride is neurotoxic.  In addition to neurotoxicity, excessive amounts of fluoride lead to fluorosis of the teeth and skeleton, creating a radiologically dense piece of skeletal tissue that is actually quite brittle.  The potential for concern has led to a landmark trial from attorney Michael Connett to remove fluoridation from American water supplies.

This is the biggest trial of its kind, and it seeks to get the government to either agree to remove fluoride from municipal water supplies or provide concrete indications as to why it is important, despite modern science being nearly totally in disagreement.

Exposing the hazards: How fluoride may harm your health

Fluoride, an element composed of fluorine, is abundantly found in nature, boasting minor benefits for dental health by inhibiting bacterial adherence to teeth and plaque formation.  However, recent research has uncovered significant health risks associated with fluoride consumption.

Six decades ago, widespread fluoridation of drinking water was considered the simplest method to enhance the dental health of the American populace.  While some studies suggest benefits, particularly in underserved regions, research on the adverse effects of fluoridated water remains limited.

Even though the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers fluoride safe in small amounts, such as in dental hygiene products, many researchers argue otherwise.  However, fluoride exposure is significantly higher for those who consume municipal water supplies.  Varying levels of fluoride exposure have different effects, including neurotoxicity impacting intellect, memory, fine motor skills, and social development.

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Moreover, research suggests that fluoride can lead to bone fractures, weakened bones, muscle problems related to neuronal signaling, and other significant issues, especially at higher dosages.  These risks are compounded by the development of fluorosis, a mottling of the teeth, which ironically is the very condition fluoride is supposed to prevent.

Some studies indicate that excessive fluoride can cause calcifications and lead to some types of cancer.  And this is a chemical that over 66% of Americans have in their municipal drinking water.

Why does the government still put fluoride in water?

Many grassroots organizations, including lawyers, parents, concerned citizens, and scientists, have pointed out that fluoride in water presents more potential for harm than good, which is the basis for this landmark trial.  Attorney Michael Connett indicates that there is ample evidence that fluoridating water is pointless and that the federal government is aware of this but refuses to take any steps toward reversing the policy of fluoridation.

This clip gives a good breakdown of the main crux of the argument:

Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has somewhat washed its hands of the federal mandate for water fluoridation, leaving it up to the state and municipal governments.  If Michael wins this trial, however, the EPA will likely ban fluoridation at a federal level so that any government power that even wishes to add fluoride to their water would not be able to.

What can you do to protect your family from fluoride?

The original process of adding fluoride to water was done because it was thought that systemic fluoride exposure while teeth were still growing was the best way to get the most benefit.  Fluoride exists in almost every dental product you are exposed to, such as toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, whitening strips, orthodontic bands for braces, polish on your teeth after a dental cleaning, etc.  Even if fluoride did have some benefits, you get plenty of exposure from just brushing your teeth, and honestly, it’s probably too much as it is.

The simplest way to avoid fluoride exposure is to filter your water.  Buying a water filter designed to remove fluoride and other harmful chemicals is relatively cheap and immediately removes 99.9% of all fluoride exposure from your family.  Considering that a significant amount of water in the United States is tainted with lead, arsenic, heavy metals, and a variety of other toxins that are not filtered out at the municipal level, everyone should invest in a water filter for one reason or another.

If you want to support the cause of removing fluoride from the American water supply, you should contact your state and local government.  Your municipality may only add fluoride to water simply because it’s always done so.  If the concept of fluoride toxicity is brought up at council meetings or to legislators, it may create a dialogue that removes fluoride from your city’s water.

Fluoride is not a necessary element in our bodies and is, in fact, quite harmful when ingested at large levels, particularly for young children in the womb.  The risk severity of fluoride exposure seems to differ from person to person, so you might not even need a large amount of fluoride exposure to experience adverse effects.

Take charge of your health by staying informed about the potential risks of fluoride exposure.  Consider exploring fluoride-free alternatives for dental care and water consumption to safeguard your well-being.

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