Liver Cleansing Smoothies

Liver Cleansing Smoothies
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If you’re looking to reverse the negative signs of premature aging or eliminate the symptoms of disease – discover the many natural ways to detoxify the body. For example, the liver works hard – every minute of our lives – to keep the body safe from toxic debris. But, in many cases (especially when not feeling well) – we need to help the body rid itself of poisons like artificial food ingredients, herbicides and pesticides.

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Warning! Your liver may be crying out for help

Western medicine will never tell you – but, if you are experiencing skin problems, poor eyesight, irregular (abnormal) bowel movements, painful menstrual cycles, chronic headaches, allergies, unexplained weight gain plus major diseases like, cancer or Alzheimer’s – then you need to clear out the liver. Sadly, most doctors only received about 3 hours of nutrition education – while spending an enormous amount of time (and money) learning about the best drugs to use for any particular health issue.  This is why most conventionally-trained doctors can’t help you to feel great.

The primary focus of Western medicine is to ‘treat’ disease symptoms – not provide a “cure.”

Thankfully, there are many natural ways to detoxify the body with bitter greens and delicious smoothies. Today, in the video above, get ready to be inspired by Dr. Ellen Jensen, one of the world’s leading educators on the health benefits of natural foods and remedies. For more information about Dr. Jensen – visit:

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