Lose weight quickly and effectively with juicing

Lose weight quickly and effectively with juicing
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(NaturalHealth365) Juicing is the quickest and most nutritious way to lose weight – safely and effectively. The first few days may be a little uncomfortable, but within 48 hours you will start to crave these vegetable juices!

If you’re a beginner – here’s an important tip. Stay away from fruits (apples are ok) while you are juicing to lose weight. We recommend eating an apple after dinnertime or if you get hungry throughout the day. These are our best recommendations:

Organic (if possible) cucumbers, celery, all lettuces (romaine being our favorite), lemons, limes, grapefruits, parsley, spinach, endive, kale, Swiss chard, cabbage (red and green), radishes, peppers like red, orange or yellow, or even hot peppers, cilantro and zucchini.

We suggest you drink 1.5 to 2 liters (quarts) per day from any of these combinations. We also think it’s a good idea to use fresh ginger root or fresh turmeric root and/or garlic to help spice it up and also they make each juice taste delicious. The strength of the dark greens can be hard for some to enjoy in the beginning, and these spices can really help.

The best way to succeed on a juicing program

Tip #1: Drink vegetable juices throughout the day and eat a sensible meal in the evenings. One of our best kept secrets is to never eat any food past 7 pm, unless it’s a piece of fruit or a glass of vegetable juice. This will automatically help your digestion and you will shed 5 pounds or more in just a few short weeks.

TIP #2: Drink one glass of juice in the morning and one glass before dinner. This simple step will help you lose weight quickly and effectively. There was a study done at Baylor University School of Medicine that showed people who just drank two glasses of juice per day lost 4 times more weight than those who did not.

Tip #3: Do not overeat your meals. It is important to note that you will lose weight faster if you only eat to 70 to 75% full. Within 15 minutes, you will begin to feel full, once the food starts to expand in your stomach.

Tip #4: Eat mostly raw foods. Salads are the key. Fill your salads with a variety of greens, shred them up and shred up zucchini and carrots too. Add some crunchy and chewy tastes in there too such as, quinoa, raisins and slivered nuts – just don’t overdo it on the nuts.

Tip #5: Drink 1/2 your weight (in ounces) of purified water. Drinking water will help flush toxins and wastes from your body right into the toilet, where they belong.

Tip #6: Weigh yourself in the beginning but don’t weigh yourself again until ten days from your first day. Weight loss won’t show up much in the beginning and you don’t want to be disappointed.

Tip #7: Walk every single day. If it’s first thing in the morning, then please do it. If you work full time, then use your hour at lunch for a good 30 minute walk. It’s not necessary to workout heavily, as your body will lose weight naturally with a good walk every day.

A weight loss tonic that gets results (makes 1 liter)

8 carrots

2 cups spinach

1 large head romaine lettuce

2 cups green or red cabbage

8 ribs celery

1 inch fresh ginger root or 2 cloves garlic

Run all of these veggies through your juicer. We don’t really recommend you use your blender, but if that’s all you have make sure it’s blended slowly and effectively. Best wishes for great results!

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About the author: Linda Kordich has been married for 33 years to Jay Kordich, world renown health educator and the “Father of Juicing”. She is the co-author of their new book, Live Foods Live Bodies and teaches throughout the world on the ‘Powers of the Gentle Art of Foods and Juices’. For more information about Jay and Linda Kordich – visit: JayKordich.com

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