New study reveals how chemotherapy awakens dormant cancer cells

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chemotherapy-awakens-dormant-cancer-cells(NaturalHealth365)  There is plenty of debate about whether chemotherapy is safe, effective, and worth the risk.  Though the medical community appears split on the supposed merits of chemotherapy, those who keep an open mind will lean on data and facts to understand the true risks of this treatment.

A recent study conducted by Ramya Ganesan of Emory University and published in PLOS Biology shows breast cancer recurrence can be triggered by chemotherapy.  Chemotherapy drugs can potentially harm cells that are not cancerous, ultimately causing cancer.  However, patients are commonly told that chemotherapy is necessary for “beating cancer” and eventually returning to a more normal life.

Is it logical to treat cancer with drugs that cause cancer?

The aforementioned study’s model contained cancerous and non-cancerous stromal cells, connective tissue cells from the breast, and additional tissue.

The chemotherapy drug docetaxel was then administered.  Even at small doses, the drug damaged stromal cells.  The treatment also catalyzed the reentry of cancer cells into the cellular cycle, meaning cancer was reactivated.  The study author suggests the stromal cells’ release of interleukin and G-CSF, two important cell signal molecules, reawakened the dormant cancer cells, triggering the cancer resurgence.

Though taking a chemotherapy medication that can potentially cause cancer is illogical, most patients do what they’re told by their doctor.  However, rational thinkers will agree that the risks posed by chemotherapy drugs are too high.

The sad truth that Western medicine continues to sidestep is that chemotherapy can potentially activate dormant cancer cells, promoting the growth of cancer and even causing an eventual breast cancer recurrence.  Chemotherapy is especially risky, considering nearly one-quarter of breast cancer patients endure breast cancer recurrence within the initial half-decade after initial diagnosis.

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Why chemotherapy is NOT “100% safe and effective”

While some people may choose to debate about chemotherapy’s effectiveness and side effects, it is still widely regarded as a standard and widely used treatment for various cancers, including breast cancer.  However, the appropriateness of chemotherapy may vary depending on the type and stage of cancer and individual patient factors.

Additionally, some cancer cells can enter a dormant state where they stop dividing and become less responsive to chemotherapy.  These dormant cells can potentially evade treatment and remain in the body, posing a risk of recurrence or metastasis.  This highlights one of the challenges in cancer treatment, as eliminating dormant cancer cells is often a complex task.

Preventing breast cancer recurrence: Actionable tips and strategies

A healthy, organic diet is key to preventing breast cancer and breast cancer recurrence.  Maintain a body weight ideal for your BMI (body mass index).  Get active with exercise and minimize or eliminate your consumption of alcohol.  Choose fresh, organic protein, vegetables, and fruits over processed food options.

In addition, stress reduction is central to preventing breast cancer.  Pay close attention to emotional traumas that may be lurking beneath the surface.  Stress hormones have the potential to prevent the process of anoikis from occurring.  Anoikis is a form of programmed cell death that destroys diseased cells to prevent their movement through the body.

Regular stress also catalyzes growth factors that stimulate blood supply, hastening the development of tumors.  Recognize that stress is a problem for everyone and be proactive.  Minimize stress through exercise, time spent outdoors in the fresh air, and yoga or meditation.  Naturally, if you feel like you need help with these issues, consider getting a health coach or talking with an experienced (holistic) doctor.

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