Censored COVID News: The real risk revealed with Andrew Kaufman, MD

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real-risk-revealed(NaturalHealth365) With COVID-19 defining so many aspects of our daily lives, it has become remarkable that a large portion of the population lives in constant fear of this “mysterious” virus.  Millions feel the need to protect themselves from this invisible enemy by covering their faces, blocking their airways, and being first in line to take the jab.  Western medicine has done a tremendous job instilling the current mainstream “theory” of disease and indoctrinating the masses about what’s also known as the “germ” theory.

Another segment of the population thinks very differently about the threat of infection that COVID-19 represents.  These are the people who likely go about their days and do not fear exposure to the virus.  They trust their immune systems to defend against invaders, and they know that disease can only form if the conditions are right within the body.

Regardless of which camp you belong to, you will not want to miss watching this video (below) – created by Jonathan Landsman – that exposes the reasons for the divide and reveals why some become paralyzed by fear of the same virus that others consider a non-issue. You will be astounded to discover the flawed methods used to show who is truly at risk and who is not.

Questioning the COVID narrative with Dr. Andrew Kaufman

In an exclusive interview, Jonathan Landsman of NaturalHealth365.com and Andrew Kaufman, MD, discuss the surprising (scientific) truth about this pandemic.  They reveal the most significant problem associated with the current COVID narrative and the real reason why PCR testing is being misused.

In addition, Dr. Kaufman reveals disturbing truths about masks, but in the end, he leaves all of us with a positive message about how we can protect our health naturally.

Let’s talk about germ and terrain theory

Check out the first 15 minutes of the interview when Dr. Kaufman gives a detailed explanation about the difference between germ theory and terrain theory.  In the context of COVID, supporters of the germ theory believe that pathogens, such as the virus that causes COVID-19, can lead to disease by invading us and reproducing in our bodies.  Therefore, people looking at COVID this way feel that protecting against exposure to the virus is crucially important.

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Germ theory focuses on the idea that disease from germs can strike anyone at any time and does not take our immune system into consideration.   Thus, the most critical aspect of germ theory is to kill germs and protect against them.

Contrast that with the “terrain” theory, which believes that germs cannot cause infections unless the environment within the body allows it.  If you are unhealthy, you may be creating a feeding ground for the growth of pathogens – including SARS-CoV-2.  At the same time, if your body is healthy, germs will be less likely to take up residence and cause illness.

Dr. Kaufman points out that although the term terrain theory may sound foreign to many people, we have all heard of gut bacteria, which is essentially synonymous with the concept of “terrain.”

Watch the video here:


“COVID case” DECEPTION: Health authorities used multiple ways to mislead the public and inflate COVID case numbers

The discussion revealed the various ways health authorities manipulated the numbers to inflate the figures of so-called COVID cases.  Dr. Kaufman believes that the way health authorities created the definition of a “COVID case” had nothing to do with science; instead, they intended to create the appearance of something scary, to exaggerate and create fear.

What about the PCR test?

Have you ever been asked to take a PCR test for work or travel?  It turns out; the PCR test is more controversial and less helpful than most people think – particularly when it comes to diagnosing COVID-19.  Some of what you will learn from Dr. Kaufman will blow your mind.

For instance, most people are unaware that diagnostic tools are generally subject to rigorous validation and that the PCR test has NEVER been validated.

Another fact that will shock you is that SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated.  If that’s the case, how could you test for it?  Even the inventor of the PCR test stated that the test should not be used as a diagnostic tool.

The PCR test is essentially “a research tool to detect sequences of genetic material” present in such small amounts that you can’t do anything with it.  Additionally, similar to the COVID shots, the PCR tests are not FDA-approved; they are under emergency authorization.  If you think that’s not that bad, think again and listen to Dr. Kaufman’s assessment of the PCR tests.

UNMASKING the science behind mask-wearing and COVID-19

According to Dr. Kaufman, the point of promoting face masks as a way to protect against respiratory viruses has nothing to do with science.  Instead, it is to limit social interaction between humans, train the younger generation to be afraid of each other, create a different norm of socialization, and even reduce fertility.

And in case you are still wondering if there is any benefit to wearing masks to defend against COVID-19, there is no credible science on masks to support their use; in fact, most studies confirm that masks are useless or downright dangerous.

Here are the show notes to give you a better idea of everything you will learn by watching this video:

  • Let’s talk about germ vs. terrain theory
  • Does 2020 data reveal a “Pandemic RISE” in deaths?
  • What is the greatest problem w/ the COVID-19 narrative?
  • Why is the PCR Test flawed for diagnosing disease?
  • Can a mask really protect us from disease?
  • How to explain these “similar symptoms” reports?
  • Talk about ways to AVOID respiratory damage

But don’t take our word for any of this.  Do your own research – just be sure to use credible sources.  Use your common sense, and do not allow fear to motivate your health decisions.

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