Discover safe and healthy long-term storable food for a pandemic

Discover safe and healthy long-term storable food for a pandemic
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(NaturalHealth365) Amidst these unprecedented times when everyone is stocking up on storable food and other essential health items that are worthy for the long-term … there are two companies that are virtually undiscovered gems in the state of Maine.  Of course, there are many other (healthy) options out there … but, today, we’ll focus on two winners that I respect greatly.

Since 2004, TourmalineSpring has been offering the naturally purest spring water – an essential component to flushing out toxins and viruses – like, COVID-19 – out of the body.

The other company, LivingNutz  has been sprouting and dehydrating nutrient-dense, certified organic nuts – as well as producing their own stone-ground, truly raw nut butters – since 2002.  Just be warned, these nuts are delicious … so, don’t overdo it!

Why storable food must always include a consideration of our drinking water

For starters: The U.S. tap water infrastructure get a “D rating.”

Even amongst health-conscious communities, it has taken a long time for people to finally start acknowledging that the quality of the water we drink is just as, if not more important then the food we eat.  But, sadly, both tap water and most bottled waters have their own health risks.

In 2009, the American Society of Civil Engineers had given a “D-rating” to the U.S. tap water infrastructure (1) and very little has been done about it since.  Water is known as the universal solvent; absorbing whatever piping system it runs through.

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After it leaves water treatment centers and runs into homes, schools, and businesses it is poorly tested, if at all.

Warning: The U.S. still has millions and millions of lead pipes in its tap water infrastructure (2)

The idea that all tap water is “safe” or events like the Flint Water Crisis is a one-off, as many journalists have implied, is grossly inaccurate.  For example, in the San Francisco Bay area, half of the schools have been found to have lead contamination – with one faucet at San Francisco International High School registering lead at 5,600 parts per billion, well over the EPA’s limit of 15 ppb. (3)

In addition, in an email to the Environmental Working Group, the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) confirmed that 1,166 out of 6,595 schools that participated in a recent test had at least one fountain that served water with more than 5 parts per billion (ppb) of lead.

Pharmaceuticals, pesticides, teflon, radioactive and cancer-causing chemicals in your tap water

Keep in mind, it’s not just lead that’s contaminating the water supply.  There are concerns over contamination from pesticides and disinfecting agents causing cancer clusters to pop up across the country.

And, a recent report of nearly 50,000 public water systems in the U.S. revealed that between 2010 and 2015, more than 22,000 utilities were providing water through public systems containing radium, a radioactive cancer-causing element.  Utilities in 27 states had water exceeding the EPA’s legal limits for radium, and it is estimated 38% of Americans are drinking tap water with this radioactive element that far exceeds the safety levels set in 2006 by California’s state scientists. (4)

And, to add insult to injury, a recent report by Sharyl Atkinson interviewing author Seth Siegel on Full Measure disclosed that PFOA’s, the active ingredient in Teflon is widely dispersed throughout much of the U.S. Tap water supply.  PFOA’s are cancer-causing, endocrine-disrupting chemicals that along with trace amounts of pharmaceutical medications are not being filtered out by municipality water treatment plants. (5)

Siegel claims that municipalities could implement simple, low-cost treatments, but that we the people must be the ones who demand its implementation. This is why it is so important to be educated about the state of our drinking water and not avoid it because it seems hopeless.

If enough citizens demanded better water treatment and elect local/national leaders who introduce good bills, it could become an immediate reality.

What about bottled water?

On the other end of water availability, most of the bottled water offered today is owned by “Big Water” companies (similar to big pharma, big Ag, etc.), with 90% of them just being filtered tap water or well water labeled as spring water.

Two major bottled water companies have come under intense scrutiny recently, one pleading guilty for bottling water with arsenic and another for labeling spring water that is actually well water with inconsistent testing and the same impurities as tap water. (6, 7)

Our bodies are roughly 70% water, so what do we do?

This leaves a few viable options for those who are adamant about wanting to drink only the best water – Tourmaline Spring, and distilling or purifying your own tap water.  Just remember: if you choose to distill your tap water, be sure to add a pinch of high-quality sea salt – in order to remineralize and structure the water.

In 2017, NaturalHealth365 published two articles about Tourmaline Spring, and to this day we are adamant that this is the best “living water” you can buy anywhere for many reasons that you can read about in the following two links:

Bottled water exposed: Why Tourmaline Spring water is the best bottled water in the United States


How rare is Tourmaline Spring? It’s the only one of its kind!

Tourmaline Spring has preserved one of the last great natural sources of spring water on the planet, preventing it from being owned and destroyed by multi-national corporations who would have ruined it forever. Tourmaline Spring is an international multi-award winning water that continuously wows the hydrogeologists and water chemists who have studied it.

Because of the Coronavirus, the demand for their water has skyrocketed, but they have cases available online at their website,  But, for those who would like to order by the pallet, there is a waiting list – just contact them via email for instructions.

Tourmaline Spring is bottling nonstop … so, please bare with them as they deal with the current pandemic crisis affecting all of us.  Also, don’t wait to order a pallet of water – as it could take months to receive your order.  As long as the water is stored like wine, in a cool, dark environment then there is no expiration for the shelf life.

And, in case you’re wondering: after 15 years of extensive testing – they’ve confirmed that there is no leaching of any plastics into the water.  Just make sure to please recycle the bottles from this company.

Sprouted nuts: The quintessential long-term storable food

When it comes to long-term storable foods that last, are loaded with nutrition, taste amazing and leave you feeling full, there is no better option than LivingNutz.

The Living Nutz company began in 2002 with a core purpose, to create the best tasting Certified Organic raw food snacks on the planet. All of their nuts and seeds are certified organic, truly raw (even their almonds), sprouted (with rigorously tested Maine well water, not tap water), and dehydrated at low temps to preserve all the nutrients.

Additionally, they offer stone-ground sprouted almond butter and bulk raw nuts for those who are looking to stock up. Their almond butter can easily be blended with water to make your own nut milk in just a few minutes.

Ultimately, I hope this article helps you to understand why these two companies are essential to purchase from during these uncertain times.  Be safe and stay healthy!

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