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Why the European Union is light-years ahead of the U.S. on regulating toxic chemicals


(NaturalHealth365) Why are other countries, especially in the European Union, so forward-thinking when it comes to regulating chemical toxins in food, personal care products and other consumables while the U.S. is so behind the times? As it turns out, there are concrete answers to this question that reside deep within the policies of each region. Knowing about them can make ... Read More »

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Warning: Toxic chemicals in dental crowns from China


(NaturalHealth365) No one wants elevated levels of toxic chemicals in their homes or their bodies. However, it is estimated that tens of thousands of Americans could have crowns and other dental components in their mouths that contain toxic chemicals. Many of these items are imported from China and other Asian countries. Unfortunately, reports of products from China containing dubious materials ... Read More »

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Is your home making you sick?


(NaturalHealth365) It seems our homes have been invaded by invisible forces, which can harm our health. Our dwellings are teeming with chemicals that not only infiltrate our bodies but change the expression of our genes. Energy efficient houses are built to be as airtight as possible and at the same time – are froth with danger, exposing us to high ... Read More »

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